Is the discovery of seven “mysterious symbols” in Sanxingdui a prediction of the future? Did the aliens leave it?

Chinese culture has been handed down for 5000 years. In the process of archaeology, we have made many important discoveries. The bronze ware has been shining with mysterious color in the history of our country. The Sanxingdui site excavated by scientists can be compared with the terracotta warriors and horses, becoming the Ninth Wonder. There have been many mysteries in the Sanxingdui site. Scientists once found seven mysterious symbols in the Sanxingdui site. Many people think that these seven symbols may record the secrets of aliens. Is this true?

Sanxingdui site

In 1929, there was a farmer named Yan Daocheng in Guanghan County, Sichuan Province. When he was digging a ditch, he found a pit in which there were many jade artifacts. After the news spread, an Englishman found him, hoping to recycle the jade at a high price. At that time, people lacked the concept of cultural relics protection. After seeing the high price offered by the Englishman, Yan Daocheng sold these jades to him. Then the Englishman brought an army here, and these things were also given to the Museum of West China University. At that time, the staff of the museum thought that maybe things were not so simple, so an archaeological team came out in 1934. After 10 days of excavation work nearby, the Sanxingdui site appeared in front of human eyes.

Of course, this excavation was only a small-scale survey. At that time, the level of science and technology was still very limited, and scientists had no way to determine the age of the cultural relics. Until 1980, scientists re explored this area. They did not expect that the ancient city relics of a thousand years ago would come out again like this. At that time, everyone was shocked and looked at these unearthed cultural relics carefully, It doesn’t seem to be made by humans. According to the current results, the Sanxingdui site covers an area of 12 square kilometers. Although scientists have conducted a long study, there are still many mysteries that have not been solved.

The classic of mountains and seas is a wonderful book in China. In this book, we can see all kinds of rare animals and strange stories, among which there is a bronze tree. In the Sanxingdui site, scientists even excavated eight bronze trees of 3.9 meters. These bronze trees are not only lifelike, but also have divine birds on the branches, which are very smart. In fact, the mystery of Sanxingdui is far more than that. After scientists discovered the Sanxingdui site, CCTV reported that seven mysterious symbols were unearthed in Sanxingdui. What do these symbols mean? What does it mean?

7 mysterious symbols

Many experts think of oracle bone inscriptions when they see these seven symbols. Therefore, some people speculate that these seven symbols are probably ancient Shu characters, but there are too few historical records, so people are unfamiliar with them. Of course, some people put forward different views. They think that these seven symbols are likely to represent the prediction of the future.

The first symbol looks like two intersecting sticks, so some people think it may mean the fusion of human beings on earth and alien civilization. In fact, many foreign scholars believe that there is some connection between Sanxingdui and alien civilization. It is very likely that Sanxingdui was left by aliens. Because the alien spaceship crashed on the earth, aliens had to survive on the earth. It was at that time that aliens handed over a lot of knowledge to human ancestors.

The second symbol is like a high mountain, which represents the birth of the pyramid after the fusion of two civilizations. The third symbol looks like a flood. There will be a big flood on the earth at some time. The fourth symbol is like tears, representing the disaster caused by the flood, which makes people live and die. The fifth symbol is like a door in a mountain peak, so some people think that maybe there is a hidden door inside the pyramid, through which aliens can enter the pyramid. The sixth symbol is like a monster, which may be Sphinx. The seventh symbol is like a disc-shaped unidentified object, which represents the alien spaceship. Xiaobian also has to admire human imagination. These bizarre guesses have no scientific basis. What do you think?

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