Is the doliba stone dish an alien relic? Left a mysterious text, suspected aliens visit the earth

Since the birth of human beings, for do not understand, incredible things, summed up as the power of God! And now we think that God does not exist, so in recent years we have attributed the unexplained or incomprehensible mystery to aliens! Although scientists around the world are exploring the existence of aliens, no authority has come forward to claim that aliens do exist.

Hawking organized the largest-scale search for extraterrestrial life activities, which spread all over the earth, and even extended to the entire solar system! There was no statement that aliens had visited the solar system. There are still many people on the Internet who say they have seen aliens, flying saucers and so on, and there are many mysterious shapes in Bayan Har mountain in China!

Discovery of doliba stone dish

The doliba stone dish was found in the cave of Bayankala mountain in China, where the area is vast, but the climate is bad, the traffic is inconvenient, and few tourists go in and out. It covers an area of about 200000 square kilometers, with an altitude of 6000 meters. The geographical environment is relatively bad. There is only one road leading to it. It is a desolate area. In the cave where the doliba stone dish was found, many low skeletons were also found, which looked like the legendary aliens. There are some unknown hieroglyphs in each groove of the doliba stone disc, which are very small, recording a crash landing of the doliba spacecraft, and most of the survivors were killed by the local people.

In 1938, when Qi Futai, a professor of Archaeology at Peking University, and his students explored a series of caves in the Bayankala mountain near Qinghai Province, they found that these caves had been chiseled into tunnels and underground storage rooms. He found that these walls were square, just as the mountain had been chiseled out in high temperature, so did the doliba stone plate.

They found a lot of clean tombs. In addition to the doliba stone plate, there were also skeletons about 138 cm tall. These skeletons have huge heads, but their bodies are very thin. One of the archaeologists believed that the skeletons might be some unknown mountain gorillas. Professor Qi Futai replied, “have you ever heard of apes burying each other?”

There are no inscriptions in the tomb, but there are hundreds of pieces of stone about 30 cm wide, later known as doliba pieces, each with a 2 cm wide hole in the middle. It is said that each disc is engraved with two small holes, which are located at the edge near the center of the doliba stone disc, just like a FESTO disc. It is said that at that time, the archaeological team also found images of the sun, stars and other celestial bodies on the stone wall.

Mysterious words on the doliba stone plate

These discs and other discoveries were marked one by one and stored in Peking University for 20 years. During this period, efforts to explain were unsuccessful.

In 1958, Professor Chu Wenming of Peking University made a more detailed examination of these discs. He concluded that there were a series of unknown hieroglyphs on each notch. These symbols are so small that you need a magnifying glass to see them clearly. Many words have been weathered. While Dr. Tsum was trying to explain the symbols, he found that the image above described the crash and landing of the duliba spacecraft, and most of the survivors were killed by local people.

According to Chu Wenming, there is a passage that reads as follows: the duliba came from the clouds and sat on the plane. Before sunrise, our men, women and children hid in the cave ten times. It was only when they understood the language of the duliba that they realized that the newcomers were coming for peace.

Although there are still some deficiencies in terms of human and material evidence, some people still insist on it. Hausdorf of China’s Rothwell thinks that most of the 716 stone discs are still in caves. Maybe one day someone will go to the caves by chance and find them, which will make the world a sensation.

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