Is the earth a living thing? Scientists monitor the earth’s “pulse”, beating every 26 seconds

The earth, the beautiful home of human life, has been nearly 4.6 billion years. According to the age of the earth, we should be in the middle age. We all know that once people enter the middle age, their physical and mental health can not afford to squander, and a little bit of error may threaten their lives. In fact, the same is true of the earth. With the aggravation of the destruction of human ecological environment, the earth has been greatly threatened. As the only planet in the universe that can give birth to life, it is getting worse day by day. With the aggravation of global warming, great changes have taken place on the earth.

However, for us humans, although we live on this planet, we seldom feel the change of this planet. We are like assembly line workers who work overtime day and night. We have no psychology to care about the change of the earth. According to the incomplete statistics of scientists, the main changes in the earth cycle are expansion and contraction, with a cycle of about nine days. The earth will breathe slowly just like human beings.

The earth has a “pulse”, which is suspected to be a living body. It beats regularly, has distinct regions and seasons, and has strong performance

In the early 1960s, a scientist named Jack Oliver discovered that the earth is like a “living body”, with a beating pulse, which is very rhythmic and beats every 26 seconds. At that time, the scientist worked in the earth observation Institute of Columbia University. In those years, the development of science and technology was not perfect, and many monitoring instruments and equipment were very backward, so he had to rely on manual detection. In successive paper records, Jack found the regular changes of the earth’s “pulse”, and this “pulse” beat showed distinct regional and seasonal performance More intense, especially in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean or somewhere in the south of the earth, this rhythmic and mysterious vibration will appear, especially when the southern hemisphere enters winter, or the northern hemisphere enters summer.

The picture shows Jack Oliver

Why does the earth have this rhythmic “pulse” beat? Because of the limited scientific and technological research at that time, Jack’s exploration of the earth’s “pulse” was limited to this. Jack was very helpless, and he could not find any reason to explain why the earth appeared this phenomenon.

According to Jack’s discovery, he speculates that this kind of “pulse” beating change on the earth seems to be an independent life body with independent consciousness, and all species living in the earth belong to a part of the earth’s body, just like the internal organs of our body. For human beings, we are just like parasites in the earth’s life body, which will be expelled from the body at any time, In this planet, we only live for a while, and it is almost impossible for us to live in this life for a long time.

As a suspected independent life body, the earth will also have independent self-healing and repair ability, just like human beings. The ocean, earth, mountains and other natural resources are all part of this independent life body, and each “organ” also writes to each other, with clear division of labor, maintaining the ecological balance of the earth, so that the earth has been continuously evolving.

The “pulse” mysterious microseisms produced by the earth

Scientists have questioned that the earth is an independent living body. What on earth can lead to the earth’s “pulse” beating change? Although many scientists have made further exploration on the basis of Jack’s research, there is still nothing they can do. Scientists have only found the cause of the pulse of the earth in a very small area, which is the Bonnie Bay on the west coast of Africa. It is located in the Gulf of Guinea, with Ghana, Togo and bening in the southwest and Nigeria in the southeast. It has water from the Niger River Delta and other rivers. Scientists have found that although it is in this region that the “pulse” of the earth is caused, the reason why the pulse is caused is still unclear, and they have not found a final and exact explanation.

Until the 1980s, there was an American geologist named Gary Holcomb who was very interested in Jack Oliver Oliver) and several other scientists are very interested in the research. Although he is not sure what causes the earth to appear rhythmic “pulse” changes, in the continuous in-depth exploration, Gary Holcomb found that the microseismic changes in the earth’s pulse are mainly concentrated in the storm period. As soon as the storm appears, the earth’s microseismic performance is particularly strong. According to scientists’ successive exploration and research, we finally come to a conclusion that every tiny vibration of the earth, that is, the “pulse” change, is mainly related to the earth’s temperature and atmospheric changes.

According to the development of science and technology, scientists determine the source of the earth’s “pulse” and find out the reason

With the development of science and technology, scientists began to detect the changes of the earth’s “pulse” by using sophisticated equipment and instruments. Fifteen years ago, through the triangulation method, according to the previous American geologist Gary Holcomb’s detection area, the scientists finally determined that the source of the earth’s “pulse” was several kilometers off the west coast of Africa Neiya Bay.

The Gulf of Guinea is the Gulf of the Atlantic Ocean, which is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. The equator and the prime meridian meet in the Gulf of Guinea. It is the largest Gulf in Africa. The coastline of the Gulf of Guinea forms the western edge of the African plate, and its climate belongs to tropical marine climate. In the study, scientists concluded: “the pulse of the earth appears in the Gulf of Guinea. The most important reason for its mysterious beat is not caused by temperature and atmosphere, but by waves.

The energy of ocean motion mainly comes from the heat supplied by the sun. However, the heat does not irradiate every part of the earth evenly. Due to the difference caused by heat, the earth’s atmosphere and ocean move. For example, our common storms, including waves, constantly impact the coastline. The vibration generated by this impact force is the jump of the earth’s “pulse” Move. For example, in our life, when we are driving, we encounter rear end collision. When two cars collide, the force will be reflected in our human body. People sitting in the car will react in different states due to the impact force.

The same is true of the “pulse” of the earth, because the waves in the Gulf of Guinea constantly impact the coastline, and the shock caused by this impact force is transmitted around the world, which is finally detected by scientists, who believe that this is the microseism of the earth. And its strength depends on the intensity and regularity of the wave impact on the coastline. When the global temperature warms, or storms and other bad weather occur, the force of the wave impact on the coastline will be very large, and the “pulse” of the earth will also be very strong, that is, the microseismic intensity is large.

Scientists have questioned the idea that waves can cause the earth’s “pulse” to beat, and Chinese scientists have come to a new conclusion

Until 2013, the American Seismological Society held an open discussion meeting on this scientific research achievement, at which someone proposed “why do waves hit the coastline”? American scientists have made an in-depth analysis of this. They believe that the impact of waves on the coastline is mainly related to the continental shelf. The continental shelf is on the bottom of the sea, and every time the sea water collides, the continental shelf will deform. Therefore, this powerful impact force will cause the earth to “pulse”. What is unexpected is that the scientific research explanation made by American scientists has not been greatly improved Some people even think that this is self justification.

For the earth’s “pulse” beat, every 26 seconds will beat, is caused by waves, Chinese scientists have done in-depth analysis, overturned the U.S. scientists concluded that the earth’s micro earthquake is caused by “waves” research results, Chinese scientists after continuous exploration, the conclusion is caused by geological movement. The main reason for geological movement is volcanic eruption. In the Gulf of Guinea region, including Bonnie Bay, there is a volcano not far away from Bonnie Bay, which is located on Santo Tome Island. The rhythm “pulse” of the earth is the geological movement caused by volcanic movement, causing the formation of microseisms.

Why is it that only Bonnie Bay volcanoes can cause the earth’s “pulse” to beat, while volcanoes in other areas can’t?

There are countless volcanoes in the world. If the volcanoes in Bonnie bay can cause geological movement and cause the formation of earth microseisms, can volcanoes in other regions also cause earth microseisms? And what’s so special about Bonnie Bay? What’s special about the underground? On this issue, scientists have not made more explanations to find out the exact answer.

According to the detection data of scientists in recent years, the “pulse” of the earth is rhythmic, beating every 26 seconds, just like a living body. Although it has not been confirmed, it is believed that in the near future, this mysterious veil will be uncovered by scientists.

In the past 4.6 billion years, great ecological changes have taken place on the earth. In the course of its life, dinosaur extinction events have occurred. Every great change is caused by the earth’s ecology. Now the earth is in the middle age, its ecological restoration ability is getting weaker and weaker, and it can’t stand the reckless extravagance of human beings, let alone any asteroid in the universe to hit. As human beings, although we only care about our daily joys and sorrows, we don’t pay attention to the tiny changes of the earth’s ecology, but we should understand that the earth’s ecological environment can no longer return to the beautiful scenery of the past. Now what we have to do is to love our beautiful home, protect our ecological environment, and refuse white garbage pollution. I believe that in the years to come, with the continuous development of high technology, scientists will find more ways to uncover the reason why the earth’s “pulse” is beating, and help the earth improve its self-healing ability. After all, it is the only planet in the universe that can give birth to life.

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