Is the earth a plane or a sphere? In 2021, there are more and more people who believe in the theory of horizon!

Since mankind entered the space age, we have sent probes and satellites to the universe, and astronauts have seen the real face of the earth for the first time after leaving the earth. We often say that the earth is a blue sphere, which has become an indisputable fact. However, in the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, they always believe that the earth is not a sphere, but a plane. Even now in 2021, more and more people believe in the theory of horizon. What’s going on?

“The theory of horizon”

Mark claimed that he had set up a special organization to expose the earth in 2021. Mark always thinks that if the earth is a sphere, then it is easy for human beings to fall down, and we are still safe all over the world, which means that the earth is flat and can not be round. And mark also claimed that astronauts and scientists are not well paid, that’s why they lie. Isn’t the earth really a sphere?

Whether the earth is a plane or a sphere has been controversial since the 6th century BC. Aristotle first put forward the theory that the earth is a sphere, but in the 17th century, more and more people believed that the earth is a plane. I believe many people will think that these people are shortsighted and their education level is certainly not high. That’s why they say such absurd things. In fact, most of the people who insist on the first comment are high-quality scholars. They don’t believe in the theory of scientists, and they just insist on their own opinions.

Is the earth flat?

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that this issue itself has no significance for discussion. Over the years, human beings have detected many planets. Through these photos, we can also see the appearance of other planets, and there are many images of the earth sent back by satellites. The earth, like other planets, is a sphere. If scientists do something false about it, what’s the advantage?

If you want to prove that the earth is a sphere, there is a most direct and effective way, that is, to get away from the earth, stand in the universe and look back at the earth, and the theory of horizon will be broken without attack. So we still have to follow the pace of scientists. Only things that can be confirmed by the scientific community can be regarded as the truth.

The development of science is not achieved overnight, and the process is also accompanied by great controversy, which may be the fun of exploration. In fact, since mankind entered the space age, there have been many debates about the earth and the moon. Until now, many people think that the US landing on the moon is a hoax. We can’t judge whether these people are right or wrong. We have to give them to the facts. I don’t know what people think?

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