Is the earth an alien biological laboratory? The existence of Van Allen radiation belt may be the key evidence

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For the universe beyond the earth, the sky has been full of various fantasies since the birth of human beings. Although some of the human cognition of the universe is mainly started after entering the era of science and technology, all kinds of fantasy and Research on the starry sky have been started from ancient times.

In ancient times, people relied on their own eyes, after long-term observation of the trajectories of various stars, they also got some knowledge about the universe. It is precisely because of people’s various illusions and good wishes for the starry sky that the beautiful myths and legends are born.

With the advent of the era of science and technology, human beings have the ability to go out of the earth and explore the starry sky. Only when we really go out of the earth and stand in the starry sky can we truly experience the vastness of the universe.

With the continuous deepening of the exploration and research of the universe and the continuous improvement of the understanding of the universe, a problem that makes scientists feel somewhat “strange” has emerged, that is, the universe is too quiet. As for the problem of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, people began to explore, discuss and study after they came out of the earth. No matter from which aspect, the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization is infinitely close to 100%.

According to modern scientific theory, the universe originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. In the 13.8 billion years since the birth of the universe, countless star systems have appeared in the universe. In terms of time and space, there should be countless intelligent civilizations born, evolved and developed in different star systems. Even some advanced civilizations may have been born hundreds of millions of years earlier than human beings. This possibility is very high.

If there are so many intelligent civilizations in the sea of stars, then the universe should be a very busy place instead of a dead place like now. Where are the other civilizations? Some people may think pessimistically that there is only one civilization in the universe. This kind of cognition is no different from frog in the well, which is too narrow.

If we compare the universe to an ocean, then the area of the starry sky that human beings are exploring is just a small puddle, and the area where human beings live is very small. In this case, how can man be the only civilization in the universe.

Since human beings are not the only one in the universe, why have we not found any extraterrestrial civilization so far? There are also many speculations in the scientific community, one of which makes people think about it in detail. Some astronomers have put forward a laboratory theory to speculate that human beings may be in the cosmic Laboratory of alien civilization.

This experiment shows that it may be the earth, the whole solar system, or even more distant star regions including the solar system. From the perspective of the vast universe, the galaxy is just a tiny galaxy. If the whole galaxy is the laboratory of advanced civilization, it is also possible.

Why do astronomers guess that human beings may be in the laboratory of advanced civilization? Is it a completely groundless guess, or are there some clues? Some astronomers put forward this conjecture, not groundless random conjecture, but through the study of human birth to now, all kinds of coincidence found.

Perhaps in the view of many people, the birth of human beings is the result of the normal natural evolution of nature, the intelligent life that we are cared for by fate. However, with the continuous development of human science and technology, exploration and research continue to deepen. Scientists have found that the birth of human beings may not be as simple as we think.

The evolution of the core genes of life, the evolution of human genes as if there were directions again and again, finally made human appear on the earth. And this almost impossible evolution even makes biologists incredible. Katherine S. Pollard once said that from the perspective of Biostatistics, in the evolution process of millions of years, the probability of multiple changes in this extremely conservative DNA sequence of human is zero. But this kind of close to zero probability event happened in human beings.

From a macro point of view, the earth can become a civilized planet, which has a lot to do with its position in the solar system. The earth is in a very unusual position. We should know that the solar system has three earth like planets, including Venus and Mars.

Venus is known as the sister planet of the earth. Its mass, volume and structure are very similar to the earth. From the celestial law, Venus should also have the conditions to become a beautiful life planet, but the real Venus we see is a purgatory planet.

The same is true of Mars. After human beings go out of the earth, Mars is the most explored one. Through a large number of explorations, it is found that Mars should have been a beautiful ecological planet like the earth long ago, and there may have been life.

Why are the three earth like planets in the same habitable zone so similar that only the earth becomes a beautiful ecological planet and human beings are born? The situation of Venus and Mars tells us that it is not easy for earth like planets in the habitable zone to eventually evolve into a living planet and persist until the birth of intelligent civilization.

So why can the earth persist until the birth of mankind? Is it just because the position of the earth is very good? Of course not. There is a very mysterious area in the outer space of the earth, which is the Van Allen radiation belt.

The existence of Van Allen radiation belt is an important basis for the “laboratory hypothesis” put forward by some astronomers. The Allen radiation belt, which exists near the earth, can effectively protect the earth from the invasion of solar wind and high-energy particles.

We should know that the earth is surrounded by various particles in the universe almost all the time. If these particles reach the earth’s surface, it will bring unimaginable damage to the surface organisms and ecological environment. Now, with the existence of the Van Allen radiation belt, most of the charged particles will change their direction, thus protecting the surface organisms.

Van Allen radiation is not a fixed, it is a dynamic area, according to the current situation of real-time adjustment of shape, density and size. This very intelligent adjustment seems to be controlled by some mysterious force. At present, scientists have not given a reasonable explanation for this characteristic, and its existence itself is a huge mystery.

In the eyes of those who support the laboratory hypothesis, the existence of the Van Allen radiation belt may be one of the most powerful evidences of the laboratory hypothesis. It may be the defense system set up by alien civilizations to protect the “mice” on earth.

If the earth is really a laboratory of advanced civilization, then for a laboratory, monitoring equipment is essential. When we observe mice or other organisms in the laboratory, we need to observe their development silently behind their back and give some help or guidance at the right time.

So does the alien civilization monitoring earth laboratory have all kinds of secret observation? At this time, some people thought of many eyewitness reports about UFOs. I believe that we are not unfamiliar with UFOs. There have been relevant records since ancient times. In the past 50 years, UFOs and other UFOs have been witnessed almost every year.

Will these UFOs be the observation devices for alien civilizations to monitor the earth and human beings? At the same time, we also think of a lot of ancient myths and legends on the earth. Almost all of them have plots similar to the battle of gods. That is to say, there will be wars between the gods in the legend. According to modern scientific research, if the myths and legends of ancient times are true, then these immortals are probably aliens.

Combined with the fact that the earth may be the laboratory of advanced civilization, these ancient myths may be aliens monitoring the earth. As for their “battle of gods”, it is also possible that the biological laboratory of the earth does not belong to a certain alien civilization, but belongs to multiple alien civilizations.

There will be disputes among human beings because of their interests. Under the common management of multiple civilizations, these civilizations may also have disputes and breakthroughs because of various problems, resulting in the outbreak of some wars.

Although no definite evidence has been found for the laboratory hypothesis, with the deepening of thinking and exploration, more and more people begin to adhere to this hypothesis. We are in this laboratory, it may make people feel afraid, but equivalent to some other hypotheses, the laboratory hypothesis is a good guess.

In recent years, there is another hypothesis circulating in the scientific community, which is the virtual world hypothesis. Some scientists speculate that the universe in which human beings live and the earth may be a virtual world. We are digital programs in this world. This hypothesis makes many people think about it in detail. The reason for this hypothesis is that with the continuous exploration of virtual reality technology, human beings will create a virtual world very similar to the real world in the future.

No matter what kind of world human beings live in, whether it’s a laboratory of alien civilization or a virtual digital world, it’s not good news for us. And if we want to find out the answer, we can only strive to develop science and technology. Only when science and technology are powerful can all the mysteries be solved.

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