Is the earth civilization constantly circulating? Was there a nuclear war in prehistory? Scientists give three proofs!

Although human steps have reached the universe, there are still many unexplained traces on the earth where human beings live. All the time, how was human born? How did civilization develop? It’s a controversial topic in the scientific community. Many people think that intelligent life had appeared on the earth before the emergence of human beings. They think that these advanced intelligent lives may have failed in the war with aliens and finally disappeared on earth. There is no basis for this conjecture. Many people still think that the pyramid is the best evidence.

Some people also put forward a crazy idea. They think that there was a nuclear war on the earth. Before the emergence of human beings, advanced intelligent life was destroyed and finally disappeared because of the nuclear war. After a long period of evolution, a new civilization was born, and the earth entered the cycle of civilization. This view is not groundless. In the course of their observation, scientists found that there was a fault of 130000 years in the human evolution history of the whole earth. What happened to the earth in these 130000 years? We don’t know. Many people also put forward the so-called evidence. They think that there was a nuclear war in these 130000 years, which may be able to explain this problem.

Ancient village sites

The first evidence is the ancient village site discovered by archaeologists. This ancient village is located in Turkey. The reason why it attracts the attention of scientists is that the architecture of the village is very special. When we walk into the village ruins, we can find that all the houses are like basements. Although the door is open, we need a ladder to get out. The general building is like an air raid shelter in China, so some people speculate that such a building may be designed to avoid war.

Desert glass

The second evidence is desert glass. In 1932, a magical place appeared in the desert of Libya, which was discovered by an engineer during his exploration. He found that a large number of glass fragments appeared within 20 kilometers of this place. These glass fragments are very smooth, without any edges and corners, just like natural formation. This phenomenon also attracted the attention of scientists. When they came to this area in person, they found that the glass was probably left behind by the atomic bomb explosion. Generally speaking, such glass fragments are formed in the area where the atomic bomb is launched. This is because the heat generated at the moment of launch is huge enough to melt the surrounding sand, thus forming glass fragments.

But the question is, how can there be so many glasses when there is no nuclear test? Therefore, scientists believe that perhaps a nuclear war broke out here a long time ago, and these sands were left behind at that time. However, at that time, human beings were not born, so there was no record in history. Therefore, some people think that prehistoric civilization really existed, which is the best evidence.

Death hill in India

The third evidence is India’s death hill, which has been full of controversy for so many years that many people dare not even enter this ancient city. At that time, archaeologists were exploring in India. They found a site. When they came to the site, they found that it was actually a city. Unexpectedly, they were shocked by the scene in the city. It turns out that there are a large number of corpses all over the ruins of this city. Judging from the death status of these corpses, there must have been a sudden disaster at that time. These dead people were still carrying out their daily work and life. Scientists found that most of these corpses were charred after inspection.

Scientists speculate that only a nuclear explosion can achieve such power, and the city disappeared overnight in Indian history without any trace. Local villagers say there is a small city nearby called the city of glass. This seems to be the same as the glass formed by the atomic bomb explosion. After research, scientists found that there were 130000 year old faults in the history of human development. During this period, what happened to the earth? Is human civilization really in constant circulation?

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