Is the earth civilization in circulation? Scientists have found glass 10000 years ago, or left behind by a nuclear explosion!

The existence of prehistoric civilization has always been a controversial topic among scientists. The invention of nuclear weapons marks the rapid development of human science and technology, and we have entered the era of science. But if someone tells you that there was a nuclear explosion in prehistoric times, will you believe it?

In our cognition, we didn’t know about nuclear until the end of the 19th century. There was no nuclear explosion in prehistoric times. With the progress of scientists’ archaeological work, more and more people object to this view, because through various traces, there is a blank period of 100000 years in the process of human development, during which scientists have made unexpected discoveries.

Throughout the whole course of human development, between 150000 and 10000 years ago, human civilization did not develop much. Today, we have spent thousands of years successfully entering the space age from the primitive society. Even in the future, we will return to the moon and transform Mars. Why can human beings create such a splendid civilization in thousands of years? Some people speculate that in the blank period of more than 100000 years, mankind has experienced several demises, and each demise represents the reincarnation of civilization.

The nuclear explosion 10000 years ago?

In 1932, when a British scientist entered a desert, he found a lot of glass fragments buried in the sand. When the research team carried out experimental analysis on these glasses, it was found that these glasses had existed for at least 10000 years. At first, scientists thought that this was due to the formation of sand in the desert after being hit by lightning. However, if the sand was hit by lightning, it should be black. For these glasses, they are all crystal clear white, which has nothing to do with lightning.

During that period, these glass fragments became an unsolved mystery in the scientific community. It was not until the first nuclear explosion that another possibility was seen. Are these glasses in the desert suitable for explosion? This is not without basis. Scientists have found glass at the site of the nuclear explosion, which is very similar to the debris in the desert. So some people think that in prehistoric times, there was a nuclear explosion in this desert.

Human remains from nuclear explosion

In addition to the nuclear explosion, scientists also found an interesting phenomenon in the remains of ancient Indian civilization in Pakistan. They found 46 human remains in the site. After examination, they found that these human remains were attacked by high temperature, so scientists speculated that these people died of high temperature. In addition, scientists also found trace amounts of radioactive materials here. Does this mean that a nuclear explosion occurred here long ago before it became a relic?

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