Is the earth cooling? The occurrence probability of La Nina is obviously increased, and China is going to enter the “cold winter”?

This year, the global temperature has become a bit extreme. A few months ago, we just experienced an El Nino phenomenon. Some time ago, the World Meteorological Organization released the latest news that La Nina may also be coming. In fact, the possibility of La Nina this year is still very high. The meteorological bureaus of Japan and Australia claim that the possibility of La Nina has increased by 60-70%. Of course, whether it will really appear or not, we still need to observe for several months in a row to make a final conclusion.

The fluctuation range of La Nina

Generally speaking, scientists observe La Nina through the temperature fluctuation range, which is generally 0.4 to 0.6 degrees below zero. According to the latest scientific report, from September to November this year, the probability of El Nino is 40%, and from December this year to February next year, the probability of La Nina may drop to 55%. After seeing such a conclusion, some people can’t help worrying that El Nino will raise the earth’s temperature and La Nina will lower it. If it appears, will the earth really cool down?

Will the earth cool down?

According to the previous data, if it really appears, it will have a cooling effect on the global temperature. However, with global warming, the situation is getting worse and worse. Even if La Nina appears, scientists believe that it will not have too much fluctuation on the earth’s temperature. Scientists even predict that when it appears, we will still be under high temperature. Enough to see how serious the impact of human behavior on climate change, it can not cool the earth, which is a warning for human beings.

So even if La Nina does appear, the earth’s temperature will not drop too much. But its impact is global, and there will be rainfall of different scales in many places. For example, some areas in South Africa and central North America will continue to be shrouded in high temperature, and the probability of precipitation will also be reduced. On the contrary, some areas in Southeast Asia and Australia will have extreme heavy rainfall, and even cause some flood disasters. Therefore, residents in these areas should make early warning in advance.

Do I have a cold winter?

So does La Nina have an impact on my Congress? According to the normal situation, once it appears, it will have a great impact on our country. Maybe this year’s winter in our country will be colder. However, due to the rising global temperature, the cold winter in our country is only relatively speaking, and it will not appear decades ago.

Many scientists say that this year is the warmest year in several years. Therefore, although it has an impact on China, the probability of warm winter is still very high. Of course, this is only a speculation made by scientists according to the current environmental situation. The specific impact depends on the next development. So we can’t ignore the seriousness of global warming. Even though many scientists predict that the earth will enter the small ice age, they still haven’t found the trend of the earth to cool down until now.

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