Is the earth getting cold? The Antarctic atmosphere is cooling abnormally. Will human beings enter the ice age?

Global warming has become the main trend of the earth’s environment. Since 2020, we can obviously feel the abnormal temperature. China’s first high-temperature city also appeared in the north, which seems to indicate that this summer has come a little early. Some time ago, some scientists speculated that there was an abnormal cooling phenomenon in the atmosphere over Antarctica, and the cooling rate was more than 10 times of the warming rate. Is the earth going to get cold again?

Abnormal cooling of Antarctic atmosphere

This conclusion has been worked out by Australian scientists over several decades. According to the development law of nature, the atmosphere of Antarctica has a fixed movement law. However, according to the experimental exploration, scientists have found that the atmosphere of Antarctica has changed and there are signs of cooling. In addition to the prediction of Australian scientists, a Japanese scientist also believes that the earth will enter the ice age in the near future.

In the 4.6 billion years of the earth’s existence, human beings have conquered hundreds of millions of years of evolution, successfully survived and become the supreme ruler of the earth. There have been many species extinctions in history, one of which was caused by the ice age. Extremely cold temperature will greatly reduce the survival rate of plants, organisms lost food sources, can only slowly die. According to the prediction of scientists, 100000 years have passed since the last glacial age. This year, abnormal weather phenomena appear, which seems to indicate the coming of the next glacial age.

Relationship between carbon dioxide and glacial age

Some scientists believe that the earth’s environment is facing a severe situation. Human industrial development has emitted a lot of carbon dioxide. Whether the ice age can come or not has a lot to do with carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide may be the turning point of the earth’s environment. This conclusion is consistent with the research results of NASA. They believe that carbon dioxide is in a certain period of time To a certain extent, it accelerates the greenhouse effect, and a large number of glaciers in the north and south poles melt, which causes changes in the Arctic ocean current. Maybe the Arctic ocean current will carry a large number of glaciers into the Atlantic Ocean, many Western European countries will encounter low temperatures, and the glacial period may come.

According to the calculation of scientists, there is a certain connection between carbon dioxide and the glacial period. Under the current situation, will carbon dioxide emissions cause the glacial period or accelerate the greenhouse effect? Some scientists believe that this is just their guess. Today, the environmental situation of the earth is still global warming. In such a general trend, it seems that the glacial age is difficult to come.

Since this year, high temperatures have occurred in many regions and countries, especially in the Arctic Circle, which is rare in 80000 years. For human beings, the global climate seems to have reached a critical point. Once this limit is exceeded, it is not the glacial period but the abnormal high temperature that awaits human beings. Do you think the future environment will become cold or warm?

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