Is the earth going to be a fireball? Canadian ice sheet is disappearing, only 3 years left!

Is the earth going to be a fireball? Canadian ice sheet is disappearing, only 3 years left!

The earth’s environment is changing from good to bad. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Human beings are the biggest source of disaster. Why do you say that? The rapid growth of population has led to more and more land resources occupied by human beings, frequent exploitation of energy, many of which are close to the edge of exhaustion.

What is more unscrupulous is that a large number of greenhouse gases emitted by human beings enter the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect. Global temperature rises, and many places are affected. The most intuitive change is the north and south poles. Originally, this is the extremely cold zone. Affected by global warming, it has changed beyond recognition. Today’s earth is like a burning fireball, which people dare not get close to. In this trend, the future of human survival will become a problem. The changes in the environment visible to the naked eye are shocking. Is the earth going to be a fireball? Canadian ice sheet is disappearing, only 3 years left!

The disappearance time of Canadian ice sheet is shortened

Some data show that after 2000, the temperature of all parts of the earth will break through the record high, and now all of them have come true one by one. The high temperature of 38 degrees in the Arctic Circle and 20 degrees in the Antarctic for the first time seem to tell us that we can never go back. When scientists studied the ice sheet of St. Patrick’s Bay in Canada, they found that the ice sheet here is disappearing. Originally, it was predicted that it will disappear in five years. According to satellite images, the disappearing speed is faster and faster, and it may disappear in three years. This change is unexpected.

Many people are not familiar with the Canadian ice sheet. In 1950, it covered an area of 10 square kilometers. From the satellite images, we can see that its area is gradually decreasing, which means how much impact global warming will bring. Once the ice sheet disappears completely, the ecosystem will be damaged. The rise of sea level and the thawing of permafrost will emerge one by one, which will affect the survival of human beings.

Problems facing the earth at present

Today, countless countries are facing the threat of being engulfed by the sea. Although they want to solve the problem, they are powerless. Sea level rise is not as simple as they think. We must solve the problem from the root in order to make it decline. It is hard to imagine how the future Earth will develop. In addition, scientists found that Kiribati has been unable to escape the fate of sea water engulfment, countless islands have been engulfed, which shows how far-reaching changes brought about by global warming. The continuous emergence of these problems, the earth deserves everyone’s attention. Not only to alleviate global warming, but also to control environmental pollution.

It’s too late to see these disasters approaching human beings step by step. The earth and human beings are connected. Once the earth is damaged, human beings can not escape. Only by making contributions to the earth within their own ability and making the earth gradually better, can we continue to live. If we ignore these problems, then human beings will face an endless disaster. The sixth species extinction may come. You can see the current situation of the earth What’s in your heart? You can leave a message for interaction.

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