Is the earth going to enter the ice age? It is clear that the temperature in Antarctica is rising. Who has affected it?

Who is the “originator” behind the hot and cold Antarctic? Experts have found it out!

Global warming seems to be a kind of normalization, which is also an unchangeable fact. There are always some related news in the industry, which has aroused heated discussion. Some people say that the earth is about to enter the ice age. The ice age is concise, and the earth’s temperature is plummeting. But the earth has just experienced global warming. How can the temperature difference be so large? What’s going on when it gets cold and hot? Influenced by the great change of gas temperature, the change of North and south poles is the most intuitive. The melting of numerous glaciers has led to the inundation of coastal areas and the homelessness of many creatures, which is unbearable.

Abnormal temperature in Antarctica

Recently, scientists found that the atmosphere over Antarctica about 90 kilometers, there is a anomaly, the temperature continues to decline. Later, experts detected it and found that the natural circulation phenomenon never appeared in Antarctica, so the strange cooling appeared, and the impact on the earth’s climate was quite serious. In addition, the Russian scientific report clearly points out that the ice age is about to begin, and the earth may fall into a disaster, which makes people wonder whether the earth is warming or going to enter the ice age? Who is the “originator” behind the hot and cold Antarctic? Experts have found it out!

Now we can clearly feel that the temperature around the world is rising rapidly, and many regions are facing the risk of heat death, which is based on inference. A Japanese scientist has studied the current situation of the earth and made a bold guess. It is estimated that in 100000 years, the earth will enter the ice age and the extremely cold environment will come. The root of this is the emission of carbon dioxide, which is closely related to it. It is clear that the emission of carbon dioxide will lead to the greenhouse effect. Why does it reduce the temperature of the earth?

Carbon dioxide emissions make the global warming more and more serious, the temperature rises significantly, and the melting rate of the north and south poles has also accelerated. Experts also said that after the rapid melting of glaciers, the Arctic ocean current will change direction and change dramatically, and a large number of glaciers will flow into the Atlantic Ocean, which greatly increases the probability of triggering the little ice age. When glaciers in extremely cold regions flow into the ocean on a large scale, the activities of atmospheric currents will be changed. If one current changes, other currents will change.

The reason why Antarctica is hot and cold

In the final analysis, it has a lot to do with carbon dioxide. Its large-scale emissions will not only lead to the rise of temperature, but also lead the earth into the ice age. Since entering 2020, we have felt the obvious change of temperature, breaking the record high almost every month, and the north and south poles have never stopped. The extreme high temperature of 38 degrees and the appearance of red snow make us feel the abnormality of the earth. Now we have reached the critical point, and human beings are trying to save it.

It’s not only about carbon dioxide emissions, but also about human behavior. It’s time for us to protect the earth. Today’s trend is becoming more and more serious, and we can’t solve these problems fundamentally. Human beings can only migrate to other planets. In order to continue the fire of human civilization, we must solve these problems thoroughly, and then there will be space for human beings on the earth. What do you think of the changes in the earth’s climate? You can leave a message for interaction.

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