Is the earth not absolutely safe? The meteor in Yushu, Qinghai, weighs 430 tons, which is more dangerous than expected!

Just last month, a huge fireball appeared over Yushu, Qinghai Province. Scientists believe that the fireball is a fireball. If the fireball falls into a residential area, the consequences will be unimaginable. Fortunately, human beings have avoided the fireball perfectly. According to the latest data, the weight of this fireball is likely to be as high as 430 tons, and we can’t help feeling afraid when we see it.

So people are very lucky. If this fireball really falls into a densely populated area, the impact on both sides is immeasurable. The earth’s surface is covered with a thick atmosphere. When many asteroids enter the atmosphere, they will disintegrate due to high temperature friction. There are also some meteorites with large mass that will break through the obstacles of the atmosphere and fall to the ground. Therefore, there are many natural disasters for human survival on the earth, which we can’t avoid.

Dinosaurs, once the dominant planet of the earth, disappeared on the stage of history because of an asteroid. Therefore, many people are also worried about this phenomenon. If there is another falling asteroid on the earth in the future, will human beings repeat the mistakes of dinosaurs? Although the environment of the universe is very quiet, many asteroids are in constant motion. The asteroids that will fall to the Earth actually fall to the earth’s atmosphere because they are out of their original orbit and attracted by the earth after being impacted.

Meteorite fall event

There have been many meteorite falls in history, including one in Russia. At that time, 1200 people were injured, and the economic losses caused by them were immeasurable. Although meteorites will take away human lives, there are still many brave people who think that meteorites are very valuable, so they are willing to risk their lives to find meteorites, hoping to become rich overnight. But meteorites are after all extraterrestrial visitors. Perhaps they carry harmful substances on the surface of meteorites. If they are not professionals, they are likely to be life-threatening.

Therefore, the earth’s environment is not absolutely safe. With the improvement of science and technology, scientists are also monitoring the environment around the earth. Although we can often find asteroids passing by the earth, we can’t avoid the existence of missing fish. Scientists are also studying plans to change the direction of the meteorite. If humans can intervene in the direction of the meteorite’s fall, it will avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Of course, it will take a long time for this plan to succeed. At present, we can only take precautions and can’t take it lightly. Maybe only in the future can we really overcome these disasters. What do you think?

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