Is the earth saving itself? Seeing all kinds of problems on the earth, it’s time for mankind to wake up!

Is the earth saving itself? Seeing all kinds of problems on the earth, it’s time for mankind to wake up!

Compared with any living things on earth, human beings are unique. Human beings have a brain full of wisdom, so they are proud to be the leader of the earth, which is the result of natural selection. Human beings claim to be the master of the earth, but now a series of operations make scientists resentful. Global warming, marine pollution, deforestation and other issues make the earth unbearable. What’s more, all the consequences caused by human beings are eating back on human beings.

In a sense, it may be a self salvation of the earth. From a scientific point of view, human beings living on the earth should attach importance to the earth, and their behaviors never consider the feelings of mother earth. No one wants to see the earth like this. Especially in 2020, the emergence of various natural disasters has caught people off guard. Is the earth saving itself? Seeing all kinds of problems on the earth, it’s time for mankind to wake up!

Disasters on earth

We have to know that in the 4.6 billion year history of the earth, there have been five mass extinctions. We can not guarantee that human beings will not enter the sixth mass extinction. If human beings continue to destroy in this way, one day human beings will also disappear in the long river of history. Therefore, the most important problem at present is the protection of the environment. Coupled with the increasing global population, land resources are more tight Zhang said that the lack of many non renewable resources is not optimistic. If human beings continue to waste resources without restraint, these resources will disappear one day.

These frequent natural disasters seem to be warning mankind that the earth is slowly saving itself. How can it compete with the earth with human power. In fact, a lot of disasters come from human beings themselves. Human beings only care about the pleasure of the moment, but ignore the protection of the earth’s environment. Since everyone can be lucky to survive on the earth, we should cherish all this and not destroy it ourselves. Maybe many people don’t think so. Many people have already felt the situation this year. Compared with the past, this is very abnormal. As the saying goes, if something goes wrong, there will be demons. It is very likely that the earth will retaliate against human beings.

It’s time for humans to focus on their behavior

Human beings should know a truth, not that the earth leaves human beings, but that human beings cannot leave the earth. If one day human beings disappear on the earth, there will be only one result, that is, the earth’s environment will become better and better, and the former vitality will be restored, instead of the earth becoming worse and worse, which can’t be done without human beings. No matter who is the master of the earth, the earth can continue to run, but human beings can not. In a certain sense, human beings are the masters of the earth. When they make some intolerable behaviors, they will also be punished by nature.

The earth needs to be managed by all of us. Seeing so many natural disasters, if human beings do not wake up, there is really no remedy. When a disaster comes, everyone should resist it together, make rational use of the earth’s resources, pay attention to environmental protection, and solve the problem from the root. Only in this way can the earth become better and better. Do you think all kinds of disasters on the earth are a kind of self salvation of the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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