Is the earth the prison of higher civilization? We’re all imprisoned on earth? See how American experts explain

Could the earth be a prison of higher civilization? We’re all locked up in it?

So far, scientists have yet to find a second planet as suitable for human survival as the earth. Some experts in the United States also claim that human beings did not originate from the earth, but were sent to the earth by aliens about 200000 years ago! Ellis silver, a famous American ecologist, has also put forward the “global prison theory”. He thinks that the earth is a prison established by a higher civilization. In other words, human beings are imprisoned on the earth by higher organisms. This sounds really amazing and creepy. Let’s take a look at his reasons!

Reason 1: people will feel lumbago

We all know that most of the animals on the earth, except human beings, can walk upright for a long time, other animals are very difficult to do. But whether other animals can walk upright or not, we can be sure that only humans have low back pain. From an ecological point of view, human low back pain is due to gravity.

Reason 2: it’s easy for human beings to give birth

Since ancient times, the probability of human death due to dystocia is too high. If you look at other animals, they can successfully give birth anytime, anywhere and without delivery. For example, giant panda is not small, but its children are only a little big. And pigs, dogs, these animals can give birth to several to more than a dozen at a time, not to mention that human beings can’t do it.

Reason 3: human skin is too fragile

No matter how long animals live outdoors or in the wild, it’s a very simple thing for them, but human beings can’t do it. Without any sun protection measures, if they let the sun shine for more than ten minutes, they may become allergic, shine for several hours, or even get sunburn.

At this time, do you think that the reason why animals are OK is because they have fur, so they are OK, so why did humans lose fur in the process of evolution?

If human beings are imprisoned on the earth by higher civilization, this problem can be well explained. Because the planet where human beings first lived was far away from the earth, and the sunlight was not very strong, they gradually evolved their hair away.

Reason 4: people get chronic diseases

Animals are not easy to get sick, but humans are particularly easy to get sick. If the temperature changes a little, they will catch a cold. If the food is eaten without processing, they will get sick. However, animals eat raw food directly, and there will be no problem. Their intestines are strong to this extent.

Based on the above four points, Ellis believes that human beings are imprisoned on the earth. Because human nature is violent, you may think that tigers and lions are also violent. In fact, they only attack for survival, but people are different. Some people will distort their character and do some irrational things.

Since we are prisoners, do we have jailers?

Some people think that the UFOs we see from time to time are those sent by higher civilizations to monitor human beings. They will come to see how far we have developed and whether it is possible for us to escape from the prison of the earth.

Others believe that the moon is a very unique celestial body, which is specially set up on the side of the earth by those advanced civilizations, encircling the earth and monitoring the earth.

What do you think of this? Welcome to comment area.

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