Is the earth’s environment getting better? What does it mean that Qinling has found a creature that has disappeared for 40 years?

Although the earth has bred thousands of lives, with the destruction of the earth’s environment by human beings, more and more wild animals are facing the risk of extinction. Since 1970, the population size of wild animals has been reduced by 2 / 3, which can be described as a very pessimistic situation. However, since 2020, we can often see the emergence of new species that have disappeared Smell, is the earth getting better now?


The news media reported on October 25 this year that there was a leopard in the reserve of Qinling Mountains. When the staff went to the field to collect the camera, they screened the photos and found that the camera captured the leopard in August. This photo can be said to be very precious. It is also the first time that leopard has been photographed in the reserve in 40 years. Their weight can reach 100 kg, and their life range is very wide. If they can even migrate for 10 kilometers for their prey, the staff will see leopards again, which is enough to show that human efforts to the earth’s environment are still fruitful.

In China, the distribution of leopard is very wide, but with the large-scale reduction of vegetation and the indiscriminate hunting and killing of human beings, the number of leopard is less and less. In order to protect them, scientists have also taken a series of measures. If their habitat is protected, it will be more conducive to their reproduction and expand the population size. Their survival ability is very strong, and their range of activities is very wide, so they may appear in some areas that have not appeared before.

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In addition to leopard, some time ago, Zhejiang netizens in China also found a big beetle. After the identification of scientists, they found that this is not an ordinary beetle, but the Yangcai arm scarab, which was declared extinct in 1982. This discovery is also very valuable. In order to protect the reproduction of the golden turtle, scientists decided to put it back into nature and let it survive in nature again.

After seeing this, many people think that the environment of the earth is getting better? So these disappeared animals reappear in front of human eyes, in fact, the answer is not absolute. The extinction that people say is not completely disappeared. Perhaps the number of such species was very small before, and it was difficult for human beings to find it, so it was determined as extinction. With the enhancement of human environmental awareness and the improvement of vegetation coverage, these species have reappeared on the earth.

Because the number of these species is very rare, if they can’t reproduce in large numbers, they will eventually be eliminated by nature. What do you think?

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