Is the earth’s environment improving with the appearance of earth anomalies and the reappearance of extinct species?

Is the earth’s environment improving with the appearance of earth anomalies and the reappearance of extinct species?

There are countless species in nature, and the outcome of each species is not the same. Some have evolved into multiple branches, and some have gone extinct completely. Today, all the species that can survive have strong environmental adaptability. Before the birth of human civilization, there were five mass extinctions on the earth, of which the most impressive one was the Permian mass extinction, and almost 97% of the species were eliminated. Sudden changes in the environment, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes make it difficult for these species to survive.

The most recent mass extinction occurred 65 million years ago, and dinosaurs suffered a disaster. At the time of crisis, all the creatures on the earth live with fear. Even after millions of years, the number of species on the earth is still decreasing, because the earth’s ecological environment is unstable and always changing, and human beings can’t resist it. Since the beginning of the 21st century, there have been so many anomalies on the earth that some animals that have been extinct for many years have appeared again, which is shocking. Is the earth’s environment improving with the appearance of earth anomalies and the reappearance of extinct species?

Why does extinction return to earth?

Some time ago, some experts found the figure of Taiwan clouded leopard. Not only has it not been extinct, it has been living in the green forest, hiding itself perfectly. It was thought to have been extinct for a long time, but now it shows signs of resurrection. What does this seem to imply for human beings? It is generally believed that the extinction of clouded leopard is due to the bad environment. Can its resurrection prove that the earth’s environment is improving?

In fact, we all feel deeply when we see the current situation of the earth, and this speculation has been directly denied. Today, global warming, marine pollution and other problems are becoming more and more serious, and there is no improvement at all. Maybe the clouded leopard has never been extinct. It is just hiding in a hidden corner, unwilling to be found by human beings. Not only that, experts also found that other species, such as diphtheria, have been extinct for 136000 years.

Unlike other chickens, it can’t fly, because it lives near the Indian Ocean. As time goes on, its flying ability gradually deteriorates, and then the environment deteriorates, and it also disappears. In 100000 years ago, scientists accidentally found it, scientists can not explain why. The breeding and extinction of these species are very wonderful. Human beings think that they are fully in control of the laws of the earth, and they only know the skin. Those species have never been extinct, but they just lack a good eye for discovery.

When human civilization and science and technology are upgraded again, it is estimated that many mysterious areas such as the ocean, the underground and the Antarctic will be able to easily understand the secrets hidden inside. As for the reappearance of these species that have disappeared for many years, what is the truth behind it? After the subversion of human science and technology, we may be able to reveal that more species will reappear in the future. Many people have imagined what we should do if dinosaurs reappear? What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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