Is the emergence of “underwater airport” in the Pacific Ocean a masterpiece of prehistoric civilization or aliens?

Over the years, scientists have been looking for traces of prehistoric civilization. In the process of archaeology, they have also found some evidence that may prove the existence of prehistoric civilization. Before that, scientists found a huge underwater building on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This underwater building has crisscross runways, just like a modern airport. Who would build the current airport on the bottom of the sea? So some people speculate that this may be a masterpiece of prehistoric civilization.

Although scientists have not clearly found the existence of prehistoric civilization, in the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, the science and technology of prehistoric civilization are very superb. They can build magnificent buildings and create developed civilization. When it comes to prehistoric civilization, many people think of Atlantis, which has disappeared. Although Atlantis civilization was the highest civilization on the earth at that time, it still failed to escape from natural disasters and mysteriously disappeared in a flood.

Underwater architecture in the Pacific Ocean

The underwater building previously discovered by scientists is also located near Cocos Island in the Pacific Ocean. At that time, a diver used Google maps to distinguish the direction when diving, and found a huge building in front of him. When he approached, he found that the underwater building was like a modern airport with a very large area. When he saw this underwater building for the first time, he was surprised. With the current scientific and technological means of mankind, it is very difficult to build a modern airport on the seabed. And modern airports at the bottom of the sea are really not very useful. The diver speculated that perhaps the underwater building was not built by human beings.

Some people think that this underwater airport may have been built by prehistoric civilization. Perhaps in the distant past, it was not a vast ocean, but a flat land. People living on this land have created a highly developed civilization. They can build magnificent buildings. Perhaps due to geological movement or natural disasters, this place has become a vast ocean, and this underwater building has also been submerged to the bottom of the sea.

Some people think that this building is likely to be a masterpiece of aliens. There are too many news about UFOs. Many conspiracy theorists think that aliens have already built bases on the earth. They use the ocean as a protective umbrella to build bases deep under the sea, which makes it difficult for humans to find.

Through the analysis of this underwater building, scientists found that the history of this underwater building is too long. When this underwater building was built, China was still in the stone age. At that time, people’s survival was a problem. How can we build such a magnificent building? Is there any other secret behind this underwater building? I don’t know what you think?

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