Is the end of science really theology?

The solar system model was built by human beings. Who built a more beautiful solar system?

There are different views on the origin of human life in China and the West. In China, there is a myth that Nuwa created human beings, while in western countries, it is believed that human beings were created by God. Of course, these myths are illusory, just some legends, and there is no scientific evidence to prove them. Some people suggest that there is no need for science at all, because the end of science is theology. What is the relationship between two things that should be opposite? Once upon a time, some famous scientists turned their scientific research to theology in their later years. What’s the matter?

Newton and Halley

Newton is one of them. He and the discoverer of Halley’s comet once told a story. Two people were discussing whether God really existed. Newton was a physicist and scientist, and he had no faith in God. However, after talking with Halley, he began to think about whether God really exists. There is a very delicate model in Harley’s home. After inquiring, he knew that it was a model of the solar system. As a discoverer of mechanics, Newton showed great interest in this model.

Newton asked Halley who created this beautiful model? But Halley said that he did not belong to anyone and was not created by anyone. Newton was very strange about the answer to this question. If a beautiful model of the solar system was not created by human beings, where did it come from? Halley said the solar system model was formed by nature. Such an answer also puzzled Newton. Harley explained that the beauty of the solar system can’t be compared with the model. Since you think such a beautiful model can’t be formed naturally, why do you say that the solar system is more beautiful than the model? Is it possible that, like this solar system model, it will be created by advanced civilization?

Through this conversation with Halley, Newton began to study theology. In his later years, he proposed the concept of tangent force. In this concept, Newton believed that the first driving force of the universe was actually God. In his later years, besides Newton, Einstein Tesla and others studied acoustics deeply.

Double slit interference experiment

In our cognition, science is correct and the truth to explain all phenomena, and what is abandoned by science is superstition and dross. In this case, why are there so many phenomena in life that science cannot understand? For example, the double slit interference experiment was carried out. The whole process of this experiment is very strange. In 1801, Thomas Young conducted a double slit experiment. This is two parallel slits on a board. Through the irradiation of the light beam, he found that if there are two beams of light passing through the slits, but what happened on the projection screen, the pattern of bright stripes and dark stripes of pine branches, is quite different from what should appear in theory.

In the second experiment, he chose to let the photons pass through the gap one by one, so that two light spots should be mapped on the cardboard. However, in the actual operation, he found that the stripes on the screen are still light and dark intersecting. If you want to know how the light in the whole device passes through, you have to record it. So they put an observation device inside the device. However, when they turned on the device for observation, they found that the light and the beam disappeared strangely, showing different performance.

It’s like you’re peeking at a person and making a change when he or she finds out. In the process of observing particles, how do particles know that someone is observing? Is consciousness influencing matter, or do these things have consciousness themselves? So far, the double slit interference experiment can not give a more reasonable explanation. This may have something to do with scientists studying theology in their later years. What do you think of it?

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