Is the “enemy” of mankind alien? The scientist breathes a sigh, maybe it is!

Is the “enemy” of mankind alien? The scientist breathes a sigh, maybe it is!

In 2020, we will start a new chapter, but at the beginning, there will be a lot of unsettled things, such as the mountain fire in Australia, the locust plague in the Middle East, etc. all these things are so merciless that human beings are hard to resist in the face of natural disasters. After these disasters, the problem of food and clothing has gradually been put on the agenda, as well as the global epidemic. Under the control of concerted efforts, the epidemic situation has been stabilized for the time being.

In the face of these disasters, everyone feels physically and mentally exhausted, but there is nothing they can do. This is not a peaceful year. We can not help but wonder, if every year in the future is like this, where will mankind go? Almost everyone has this sense of hardship. Human life is the most important. Unlike cats, which have nine lives, everyone respects life very much. Is the “enemy” of mankind alien? The scientist breathes a sigh, maybe it is!

Why haven’t we found any signs of aliens for so long?

Since the improvement of science and technology and the creation of various advanced weapons, human beings have once again felt their insignificance. Take artificial intelligence for example, artificial intelligence improves work efficiency and helps human beings a lot. The premise is that they are under human control. If it is out of human control one day in the future, it will be difficult for human beings to compete with them. Over the years, many researchers are still exploring outer space, eager to find traces of aliens. Looking for so long, still did not see the figure of aliens, more and more disappointing, if human beings are really the only life, is it too lonely?

But if you think about it, it’s not reasonable. There are so many stars in the universe. There is only a small part of human exploration. There are many planets that have never been set foot on. We can’t guarantee that there are no aliens on those planets. Humans rashly look for them, and they will attack humans out of their sense of protection. In people’s eyes, aliens are very strange, unfriendly, and perhaps hostile to humans. Before human beings find aliens, the biggest enemy they face is artificial intelligence.

AI has feelings and consciousness is the most terrible, in the science fiction film “magic cell phone”, silly girl has the ability to fly over the wall, omnipotent super ability, she has the thought and emotion, almost no different from human. Let us can’t help thinking, if they really have feelings, will they have the idea of destroying human beings? These are issues worthy of consideration.

Human enemies may not be aliens

Human beings have lived on the earth for hundreds of years. It is not easy to have so much. If the emergence of artificial intelligence destroys everything that human beings have, it is not too much to gain. So many scientists have always believed that aliens are not the biggest enemy of human beings, but artificial intelligence. After all, it is in the stage of research and development, and it is only in the primary stage. We have already felt its strength. If it develops to the peak, human beings can not resist their power at all, so we can only let it be at their disposal. For the sake of human beings’ long-term development, artificial intelligence is very important What’s your opinion on how to make rational use of it? You can interact.

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