Is the eruption of Kilauea volcano in the United States a precursor of “doomsday”?

Although human civilization has lasted for thousands of years, the threat we are facing still cannot be underestimated. Even though we have entered the era of science and technology, we are still unable to cope with some large-scale natural disasters. As one of the serious geological disasters, the power of volcanic eruption cannot be ignored. Volcanic eruption can not only change the earth’s environment, but also cause extinction.

Many people think that volcanic eruption is not as good as asteroid impact on the earth. In fact, strictly speaking, the energy released by volcanoes on the earth is more terrible than asteroid impact. We have high technology, but human beings can’t stop volcanic eruptions. If in the future, the super volcanoes on the earth really have large-scale eruptions, then human civilization is likely to come to an end after great changes in the earth’s environment. What we have to say is the Yellowstone super volcano in the United States. 600000 years ago, Yellowstone volcano erupted in the United States, although hundreds of thousands of years have passed, But it is still ready to move, human can only do real-time monitoring, because we do not know when it will break out.

Kilauea Volcano


Some time ago, a volcano in Hawaii erupted again, and the activity of this volcano is also very high. It is Kilauea volcano. Over the past decades, Kilauea volcano has been in an active state. Since December 20, the volcano has entered a new eruption period. Now, there is no human habitation around it, so the eruption did not cause casualties, but the scene is still very shocking. A lot of dust with the eruption, straight into the sky, even the sky has been dyed red. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this may be the precursor of the end of the world.

Most of the time, volcanic eruptions also cause earthquakes, and Kilauea also causes earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.4. Up to now, it has not stopped. We don’t know when it will erupt next. Of course, it can’t be compared with the super volcano in history. Although its eruption scene is also very shocking, it won’t have much impact on human beings. We should pay close attention to the Huangshi super volcano and the Tambora volcano in Indonesia.

Hazards of volcanoes

In history, there was a summer without ice. At that time, the earth was cooling rapidly, many crops were reduced, and people also entered the period of famine. This great cooling was actually caused by the eruption of Tambora volcano. A large amount of volcanic ash blocked the heat and light of the sun. The earth quickly entered the little ice age, which not only greatly reduced food production, but also many organisms So die.

Therefore, we should focus our research on the monitoring of geological disasters. If we can give early warning of volcanic eruptions, many unnecessary casualties will be avoided, and human beings will not be in a hurry in the face of these large-scale natural disasters. What do you think?

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