Is the experience in the dream real? There are three possible answers. The second one makes people look forward

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Dreaming is something everyone is very familiar with. When we go to sleep at night, we may enter the dream. Dream is a common experience in our daily life. According to the degree of sleep, everyone will experience different dreams.

When we wake up after a dream, some people will forget all the things that happened in the dream, while some people are worried about the new memories of the events that happened in the dream. Even if some people wake up, they are difficult to break away from the dream and immerse themselves in the feeling of the dream.

For dreams, people in ancient times often gave the color of myth, thinking that the things experienced in dreams were a kind of prediction of the future, so there was the saying of “Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams”. For us in the age of science and technology, many people think that dream is an illusory experience, not a real thing. So is it really that simple?

With the development of science and technology, more and more scientists begin to explore the mystery of dreams. If the dream is just an illusory experience, it will not attract scientists to explore and study it, and scientists have not given definite answers to the mystery of dreams, but only put forward three possible answers, the second one to let people look at.

1、 Some scientists believe that dreams are actually a reflection of the objective reality, that is, in people’s daily activities, all kinds of real memories are stored in the brain. When we sleep, when the brain relaxes and has a rest, these stored memories of reality will come out for activity, give us some thought hints in the cerebral cortex, and then construct images through the brain.

In reality, the active memory is sometimes not completely duplicated in the dream through memory. Sometimes, according to people’s desire or some other ideological activities, the daily memory is reorganized and processed to form a dream picture. It’s a very complex brain mechanism.

We can think of the brain as a complex memory processing machine, human thinking, thinking, reality can not achieve some desire or can not be satisfied. The brain records our thoughts and desires, processes them into video clips, and then recombines them with the active memory of real life to form a perfect film and television.

This kind of film and television will be presented in the form of dreams before our eyes. Therefore, the dreams we see often have a sense of similarity. It may also be a self regulating function of the brain.

2、 Dreams may be real experiences. I believe friends who often dream will find that some dreams have nothing to do with reality. It has nothing to do with your daily life. For example, you are a doctor. Usually, your dreams are basically related to your daily life or doctor’s experience.

But in your dreams, you experience the daily life and events of a physicist. This kind of dream makes many people confused. According to the first interpretation of dreams, dreams are a reflection of real life and work. Your dreams will not go beyond the scope of your daily life and work.

But the real situation is that many dreams are beyond your real life activities and experiences. This situation makes us have to think of another incredible possibility, that is, what we experience in dreams may be real things. It’s just that it doesn’t happen in the real world, but in another parallel space-time.

It is possible that you are a doctor in this space-time and a physicist in another parallel space-time. When you enter a dream, you meet with another parallel space-time person by accident, so you have a space-time experience. And this kind of dream reality is often very high, even after waking up, the experience in the dream mirror is hard to forget, even make you can’t tell which is the real world.

Some people may say that dreams have something to do with parallel worlds. Isn’t it superstition? In fact, with the deepening of human exploration of quantum mechanics, many scientists are now interested in the mystery of dreams, and support this subversive view.

We all know that all things in the world exist quantum state, and quantum mechanics and macro physics are totally two different scientific systems. In the quantum world, many phenomena subvert our cognition. If we want to ask which phenomenon in quantum mechanics may be related to parallel spacetime, it may be quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement can ignore the distance, ignore the space deviation correction interaction. In a system, if a particle enters the parallel world, then the particles in the parallel world can feel what they have experienced in the real world. The human brain is very mysterious, and one of the phenomena is very similar to quantum correction, which is telepathy.

Telepathy is a very magical phenomenon in the human brain. It is difficult for ordinary people to have this kind of telepathy, but if they are twins, the probability of telepathy will be very high. Scientists believe that telepathy may be a kind of quantum entanglement, which occurs in the human brain.

If the human brain can carry out the mysterious quantum entanglement, then theoretically speaking, it is possible to enter the parallel world. Therefore, some scientists speculate that dreams are a bridge between the real world and the parallel world, and the core of the connection may be quantum entanglement. The events we see in dreams may be the quantum experiences that enter the parallel world. In a system, another quantum in our brain feeds back information through entanglement, forming dreams.

3、 Dreams are related to consciousness. The reason why human beings can be called intelligent life is that we have a powerful and mysterious brain. In addition to all kinds of neurons and other tissues in the brain, the more mysterious is consciousness.

Consciousness is an invisible and untouchable thing. What is it? It’s always something scientists want to explore. It is with strong consciousness that human beings become intelligent life. Without such strong consciousness, human beings are no different from other animals, and can not be called intelligent life.

Consciousness is very mysterious and hard to study, but dreams are also very mysterious. Is there any connection between consciousness and dreams? Some scientists speculate that dreams may be a representation of consciousness, through which consciousness conveys something to human beings. If that’s the case, then if humans want to really understand the mystery of consciousness, they may need to focus on dreams.

These are the three answers to dreams. As for which one is the final answer, we need to continue to study and explore. I believe that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we will be able to figure out the mystery of dreams in the future. If it is a bridge connecting the parallel world, it will be a great welfare and good news for mankind.

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