Is the first case of AIDS in history transmitted by gorillas? What happened to him and the gorilla?

Xiaobian accidentally browsed a message today: the number of people dying of AIDS in China is about 5400 every year, and this number is on the rise every year. China’s CDC is stepping up efforts to promote the prevention and control of AIDS. So, where does AIDS come from?

In September 1982, the United States Centers for Disease Control officially named acquired immune deficiency syndrome (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), which is also known as AIDS. In June 1985, at the 39th World Health Organization General Assembly, who announced that HIV will be named after HIV in the future, namely human immunodeficiency virus.

In fact, AIDS is caused by HIV. After HIV enters the human body, it will seriously damage the human immune system. Once the human immune system is seriously damaged, the human immune ability will not only decline, but also can not resist the infection of some viruses. Moreover, some viruses hidden in the body will also multiply in large numbers, leading to human diseases.

So, where did the first case of AIDS come from? This goes back to one of our “ancestors” – chimpanzees. According to the research of medical experts, AIDS should have appeared 2 million years ago. It was found in Africa, and the first transmission was among chimpanzees. At that time, the chimpanzees infected with AIDS had died miserably, and there were few left. The remaining chimpanzees with immunity survived, and AIDS had no effect on them.

So, how do chimpanzees transmit AIDS to people? There is a guess that humans and chimpanzees have sex, because when AIDS was first discovered, the only way to find transmission was through sex. But with the increasing number of AIDS cases, AIDS is also found to spread through blood, semen, urine and lotion. So there is also speculation that during the African Aboriginal period, when people hunted chimpanzees, they came into contact with the blood of the chimpanzees with the virus or were bitten by the chimpanzees with the virus in the process of hunting and killing, which were all possible routes of infection.

The first person in the world to be diagnosed with AIDS was Gaetan Dugas, a Canadian and gay man who admitted to having 2500 sexual partners. So he made a great contribution to the spread of AIDS.

Although the number of AIDS deaths in China is increasing, it can be controlled through drug control. But there are still some people who do not know about AIDS, they can not avoid AIDS. One thing we have to say here is that AIDS has a long incubation period, and most of the patients are young adults. People with colored glasses to look at AIDS patients, so that some of them can not live a normal life. In fact, AIDS is not so fierce, timely treatment can be controlled, and medical scientists are also developing methods to cure AIDS. So please be kind and don’t hurt.

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