Is the future just for women? Scientists found that male Y chromosome is degenerating, will male disappear?

Today, human beings have become a well deserved advanced civilization on earth. In the evolution of tens of thousands of years, our ancestors overcame the survival of the fittest in the cruel competition and survived. We have also evolved into the present posture. At present, it is accepted that the evolution of ancient apes, we have a common ancestor of ancient apes, in the process of human evolution, the gene has changed, the birth of men and women and different skin color population. However, in recent studies, scientists have found that the Y chromosome is constantly degenerating. Will there be only female sex left in the world one day?


The Y chromosome is degenerating

With the continuous development of scientific and technological civilization, we have a preliminary understanding of human evolution. Chromosome is an important basis to distinguish men and women. In the past, when science and technology were still underdeveloped, many poor and backward areas would attribute the result of giving birth to boys and girls to women. It’s only now that we know that the reason for determining the sex of men and women lies in the male Y chromosome. The role of Y is very crucial, but scientists have found that the male Y chromosome is degenerating. Will men really disappear in the future?

X chromosome

It can be fixed

In the process of human evolution, cells continue to divide. Some cells will inevitably be damaged when they divide. For example, female X chromosome will be damaged when it divides, but don’t worry. It will be repaired and integrated in the later stage, so women do not show the trend of degeneration, while men’s Y chromosome is single, if there is damage in the process of division, it is difficult to repair. So compared with the X chromosome, y is showing a trend of degeneration.

Y chromosome degeneration is normal

Although the Y chromosome is degenerating, scientists don’t think we need to worry too much. Even if its degenerating trend can’t be changed, men won’t disappear in the future. Human evolution also took tens of thousands of years. When it completely disappeared, it was also the moment when human life came to an end. Scientists believe that their degradation is actually a process of life evolution and a natural phenomenon of life evolution.

Human beings have existed on the earth for tens of thousands of years, and the human body is not immutable. In the process of natural evolution, with the change of environment, human beings will evolve a powerful ability to abandon useless organs and parts. Therefore, human evolution is also a process of seeking common ground while reserving differences and eliminating backward genes.

In the evolution of hundreds of millions of years, there are great differences between our ancestors and modern humans in appearance. Therefore, in the process of future evolution, future humans will also present different appearance features from us now. Evolution is the process of abandoning backward genes and creating excellent genes, so we don’t have to worry about the degeneration of Y chromosome. Even if it degenerates, male characteristics will also show up in other aspects. What do you think of this situation?

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