Is the “giant shield” on the edge of the solar system protecting human beings or “binding”?

Once upon a time, the theory at that time believed that the earth was round, because only such people could stand on the earth. But with the development of science and technology, scientists found that the earth was round, and life on the earth could stand on the ground. This was because the earth had gravity, and the direction of gravity was perpendicular to the ground, so it could maintain stability on the earth.

When people explore more space and have a deeper understanding of the universe, scientists have discovered a kind of “giant cover” on the edge of the solar system. Is it a kind of protective cover or a kind of cage? Listen to the professionals.

The earth is very small in the universe, but it has a very special existence, because there is life on the earth. In the process of the development of human civilization, it is found that there is a huge planetary belt around the solar system, which scientists call the Kuiper belt. The Kuiper belt is mainly composed of asteroids and dwarf planets, and the number has reached a level that can not be counted. The Kuiper belt tightly surrounds the solar system, like a “giant cover”, which can not only prevent human beings from flying out of the solar system, but also prevent human beings from flying out Stop other celestial bodies or civilizations from entering the solar system.

Traveler 1 once crossed the Kuiper belt, where the density of celestial bodies is very high. If you want to rush out of the Kuiper belt, one is the problem of time, the other is the problem of speed. In space, the distance between the celestial bodies is very, very far away, so the space is actually very open. However, the Kuiper belt is different. The large and small celestial bodies gather together, so it looks very dense. Moreover, the spacecraft invented by human beings in the future can fly out of the solar system, so we must be very careful when passing through the Kuiper belt, because if we are not careful, we will hit an asteroid.

Because it is very difficult for human beings to bring out of Kuiper, it is also very difficult for alien civilizations to bring in from Kuiper. If there is an alien civilization in the universe and it follows the law of the dark forest, then the Kuiper belt is not the imprisonment of human beings, but the protection of human beings.

In the view of experts, the existence of the Kuiper belt can not only prevent alien civilization from entering the solar system, but also cover up the existence of human civilization. It is more like a protective cover to protect the solar system.

How did the Kuiper belt come into being? The scientists also put forward their own conjecture, that is, when the nebula exploded to form the sun at the beginning of the solar system, the explosion shock wave would push the surrounding interstellar dust to the edge of the solar system. As time goes on, the dust will also have gravity, so they will attract each other and gradually become larger and larger celestial bodies, finally forming today’s asteroids and dwarf planets. Moreover, the formation of these celestial bodies also happened to form a shield to protect the solar system. It must be said that existence has its meaning.

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