Is the human brain really only 10% developed? What will happen if the development reaches 100%?

We should all have heard such a saying: the level of human brain development is less than 10%.

Do you know how this sentence came about?

This sentence comes from the American psychologist William James said: “we now only affect a small part of the intelligence and body.”

Later, it was quoted. In the 1930s, neurosurgeon Wilde Penfield put a “scientific coat” on rumors, which was put forward in his research paper on the brain.

There is also a sentence to be mentioned

Einstein is known as one of the greatest physicists. His IQ is 187, which is smarter than any of us. It is precisely because his brain has developed nearly 20%.

Although there are no facts to prove these statements, they are not rigorous, but because of some expectations of people, they spread to all over the world.

There are even a lot of people who believe in it, and they are full of all kinds of imagination about the 100% developed brain.

For this brain development, the movie “super body” has been strengthened. Lucy’s brain potential has been developed to 100%, and her knowledge reserve is more powerful than computer.

Not only that, they can also use brain waves to extract objects from space, and even form any object, which is more than superman.

So, if the average person’s brain only uses less than 10%, can the rest be developed? If the development reaches 100%, will human beings be unable to bear it?

Human beings are higher intelligent creatures on the earth. Some people think that the human brain is still in a stagnant state of development. Perhaps the ultimate goal of human evolution in the future is to develop the brain to 100%.

But human brain development can’t be interfered. At least at the current level of science and technology, it is impossible to do so. Why do you say that?

The most mysterious part of the human brain is the central nervous system. The action of any part of the body is controlled by the brain.

Up to now, no one can say that he has mastered the mystery of the brain 100%, let alone think that he has deeply developed and utilized the brain.

In study or work, if we think with our brains for a long time, our bodies will feel very tired. Maybe everyone has experienced this situation, right?

Why fatigue? This is because when using the brain, the brain is consuming the energy of the body.

Assuming that the human brain has the opportunity to develop to 100% under the interference of certain technology or drugs, then all the energy consumed by thinking will be unimaginable and huge, which is not what ordinary people can afford.

Therefore, Xiaobian believes that if we want to develop the brain, we must first solve the problem of how to improve the body energy, so that the body has enough energy to support the huge operation of the brain.

But if all the energy is used to support the brain, the body will not be able to maintain. It is likely that it will gradually shrink and disappear, just like Lucy, the heroine, and finally “incarnate” into a mass of energy.

It’s a little scary to think about.

So, we’d better be down-to-earth and have fantasies, but don’t exaggerate.

Xiaobian believes that people have great potential, so if you want to make your brain smarter, you should think more, let your brain work more, exercise your thinking, supplement nutrition and ensure the quality of sleep.

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