Is the identity of aomomo revealed? Visit the solar system in 2017, or alien trash!

Human beings have never given up looking for aliens. In history, there have been many UFO sightings, and many eyewitnesses claim to have seen aliens. Most of these events are too old to be explained by science. Scientists have changed their thinking. If extraterrestrial life really exists, it will certainly leave traces of movement in the universe, so scientists have also been strengthened their understanding of the earth Monitoring of the surrounding environment to see if we can find visitors from outside.

In 2017, NASA announced that it had detected the first extraterrestrial object that had entered from outside the solar system. The shape of this celestial body is like a huge cigar. It starts to move when it enters the solar system. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of many scientists, who have speculated about the identity of this alien. Some people think it may be an alien spaceship, but why is the alien spaceship cigar shaped? Shouldn’t it be dished?

Some people think that this may be alien civilization in disguise, in order not to let humans find out, so they made cigar like aircraft. Although until now, the unknown object is still controversial. In 2007, some scientists thought that this mysterious celestial body was not a natural product, but an alien product. This celestial body is the familiar Omo.

The true identity of aomomo

According to foreign media reports, a physicist has expressed his own opinion. He always insists on his conclusion that this cigar like unidentified object is the product of aliens. Since the discovery of omomo in 2017, the observation of omomo has been started, and the moving process of omomo has also been recorded by the telescope. At the beginning, scientists speculated that this celestial body is likely to be a comet, but with the deepening of research, some scientists believe that this celestial body is related to extraterrestrial life, which is likely to be the high-tech garbage discarded by aliens.

Through the image recorded by the telescope, we can see that the length of Omo is 10 times of its width, and in the process of running, we can see that its surface is very bright and looks like metal. How can this be the brightness of a comet? Generally speaking, when a celestial body is close to the sun, it will speed up under the action of the sun’s gravity. When it leaves the sun, its speed will decrease. However, Omo is different. It starts to speed up when it leaves the sun. Therefore, some people speculate that it is driven by other forces besides the sun’s gravity.

Therefore, the Harvard scientist believes that whether from the shape or power and other reasons, he thinks that omomo is a product of extraterrestrial, and is likely to be discarded space garbage. If human beings want to search for aliens, they may start from this aspect and look for the space garbage they throw away. It is very likely that the secret of alien life will be solved. What do you think?

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