Is the little ice age coming? According to the latest data of Russian scientists, global warming may stop!

It has become a fact that the earth’s environment has changed. In recent years, there have been two kinds of voices. Some people think that global warming is urgent, while others think that the little ice age is coming. After seeing this, we are also at a loss. Will the earth become cold or hot in the future?

If we look at the data, the global temperature is still rising. Even last year, the temperature also broke the record, and 2020 is expected to be the hottest year. But NASA scientists claim that global warming causes glaciers to melt rapidly, which is likely to lead the earth into the little ice age. Recently, Russian scientists have also expressed their latest views. They believe that human beings are about to meet the little ice age, and global warming may stop.

Is the little ice age coming?

Scientists believe that the emergence of the little ice age is not contrary to global warming. It is on the basis of global warming that the earth will usher in the little ice age. Japanese scientists believe that the earth’s temperature is related to sunspot activity. If the sunspot activity reaches the minimum, then the earth’s temperature will drop sharply and usher in the little ice age. Today’s scientists believe that the little ice age has already begun It has nothing to do with solar activity. Global warming is the driving force behind it.

As the global temperature continues to rise, the glaciers in the north and south poles begin to melt, and they will disappear completely in the future. At this time, the Arctic has passed the warm period, and the temperature begins to drop. In this case, North America will be covered with cold, and the Middle East will also have snowfall. Scientists have also observed Russia for 15 years, and he found that in Taganrog, Russia In the Gulf, there will be 54 days of ice on the water surface every year. According to the situation of global warming, this phenomenon is against common sense.

Scientists are still warning us that we must pay attention to the changes of glaciers in the north and south poles. If all glaciers melt in the future, the sea level will rise. After reaching the extreme temperature, the earth will cool down. Global warming is getting farther and farther away from us. The little ice age is really coming. So according to scientists, the earth is getting colder now, and we are also growing Towards the little ice age.

Although scientists believe that the real little ice age will not come until 1000 years later, we should not take it lightly. If human beings continue to destroy the earth’s environment and global warming is getting faster and faster, then the little ice age will appear earlier. Whether it’s cooling or warming, the balance of the earth’s environment is broken, which will be a test of life and death for all things on the earth. Now scientists are still monitoring the temperature of the earth in real time, and we also need to control our own behavior. What do you think?

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