Is the Mayan prophecy coming true? Is crows swarming in Xining, Qinghai, a “precursor to the end of the day”?

In many people’s eyes, crows represent bad luck, is an ominous sign. In movies and TV series, we can also see such a bridge section. If there is a crow’s cry, it means that something bad will happen. What if there are swarms of crows in real life? What does that mean?

The end of the day?

According to the media report on February 6, swarms of crows appeared over Xining, Qinghai Province, China. These crows swarmed across the sky in a hustle and bustle manner. This kind of formation is so powerful that it seems to devour the city. Many people have not seen such a spectacular scene, but also some brave people picked up their mobile phones to shoot, so such videos spread on the Internet. Is it an ominous sign that the crows over Xining block out the sun?

Many people with mass phobia even stand up in fear after seeing such a video, not to mention those who saw the scene with their own eyes. Especially in 2020, extreme disasters emerge in endlessly. We have experienced too many unpleasant things in this year. Many people think that 2020 is a crucial year, but the disaster in 2020 will not end, but is a continuation. Therefore, many conspiracy theorists believe that these crows in groups may be the precursor of the end of the world. Is it true that the end of the world is no longer far away from us, as the Maya said?


In addition to this phenomenon in Xining, Qinghai Province, crows have also appeared over Hebei Province some time ago. Many people have combined this phenomenon with the current situation of the earth, so many people are worried. For a time, rumors are everywhere on the Internet. During the heated discussion, the scientists gave us a piece of reassurance. In fact, crows are gregarious animals, so it’s not surprising that there are swarms of crows. In essence, they have nothing to do with the end of the world.

In fact, local people often see this phenomenon, especially in winter, there are always thousands of crows in the sky of Xining city. In the evening, it is gray, and in the daytime, the ground becomes white. The reason for this formation is actually related to the living habits of crows. From October to February of next year, crows can be seen in many wheat fields and wilderness. Crows are omnivorous animals, which can digest a lot of carrion and leftovers, which also plays a role in cleaning up the earth’s environment.

Therefore, we should change this traditional understanding. Animals and Astronomy and meteorology do not represent fortune, let alone the omen of the end of the day. When we see such a scene again, we must maintain our own judgment. We must never follow others’ advice and make three people become tigers. I wonder if you have ever seen such a phenomenon?

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