Is the Mayan prophecy coming true? There is a “vision” in New York, and Japan has also gone to “learn from the classics”!

Many people think that 2020 is an extraordinary year. This year, mankind has experienced too many strange scenes. Extreme climate disasters have broken out in many countries. Many people think that this may be a warning sent by the earth to mankind. Scientific and technological civilization has developed rapidly, and human beings are the beneficiaries of scientific and technological development. However, the earth environment is facing a severe situation, and the earth has become a victim in the history of human civilization.

The situation in 2020

There have been many forecasters on the Internet, who have made predictions about the earth’s environmental situation. If we screen these predictions, we will find that they mentioned a common year, that is 2020. Therefore, some people think that what will happen in 2020 has already been predestined. This is just a warning to mankind from the earth. At the beginning of this year, an epidemic began to ravage the world and continues to this day. With the increasing global temperature, the glaciers in the north and south poles begin to melt rapidly, and the unknown viruses hidden under the glaciers have been released. If the temperature continues to rise, the global glaciers and permafrost will melt, and the super virus tens of thousands of years ago will reappear in front of human beings. It is difficult to say whether we can defeat the virus with our strength. Therefore, some people think that maybe the Maya people are right, and the Maya prediction will come true.

Scientists have predicted the situation of the earth. According to the current development situation, 2020 may be just the beginning. In the future, extreme natural disasters will become more and more frequent, and the earth will enter a vicious circle. During this period of time, a strange phenomenon happened in New York, which even attracted the attention of Brazil. Even Japan was worried about coming to learn Buddhist scriptures. What happened?

What happened to New York?

Now it’s December, and every country in the northern hemisphere has begun to cool down. China’s temperature has dropped sharply, and some cities have snowflakes. Just in the United States, New York also suffered from super cold flow. This powerful cold air is still very powerful. Scientists call them bomb cyclones. As the bomb cyclone enters new York, the temperature in New York drops suddenly. As long as it passes through the place, the temperature in the place will drop rapidly, reaching minus 38 degrees. Coupled with the rampant wind, the temperature felt by the human body has reached minus 69 degrees Celsius.

How severe is this bomb cyclone? Many parts of New York have turned white, and the fountains in Manhattan are freezing in the air. This phenomenon is really shocking. Although Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, it has also been ravaged by bomb cyclones this year, so the phenomenon of New York has also attracted Brazil’s attention. In addition, although Japan is located in Asia, it often suffers from bomb cyclones. After seeing the situation in New York, Japan also sent scientists and staff to New York to study and exchange in order to prevent it.

Is Maya’s prophecy coming true?

Now our country has begun to winter, many cities in our country have reached minus 20 degrees Celsius. It has been said that this year will be a cold winter in China? It has to be said that the emergence of La Nina has added some certainty to this question, but how the climate changes in the future depends on the continuous attention of scientists. If you think about it carefully, this year’s earth is too abnormal. Tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes are happening more and more frequently, and predictions spilled on the Internet have reappeared in front of human beings. Some people think that the end of the world predicted by the Mayans may be coming, and this time the culprit is human beings themselves.

Scientists naturally don’t believe in predictions. Although many people are worried, they also give advice. The end of the world is still very far away from human beings. The reason why so many strange things happened this year is that the earth’s environment has reached the critical point immediately. In short, the earth’s environment has become unbearable. Human beings have plundered the natural resources wantonly, and a large number of carbon dioxide emissions have led to the continuous rise of global temperature, releasing a large number of greenhouse gases, thus entering the source It’s a vicious circle. If human beings do not attach importance to it and restrict their own behavior, maybe we will really face a big test.

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