Is the Mayan Pyramid different from the Egyptian pyramid? Mayan pyramids don’t make mausoleums?

The Mayan Pyramid is different from the Egyptian pyramid. The top of the Mayan Pyramid is a flat top. The body of the Mayan Pyramid is a square with a big bottom and a small top. Moreover, only a few of the Mayan pyramids are used as tombs, and most of them are used for sacrifice and various religious ceremonies. It is the product of the heyday of Maya civilization.

The design data of the huge kukulkan pyramid standing in the open space of the tropical jungle have astronomical significance. It has a square base. There are steps in the north, South, East and west directions. Each step has 91 steps, and 52 of them are carved with a pattern symbolizing 52 years as a cycle.

The ancient Mayans did not have metal tools, animals or wheelbarrows to build pyramids, but they were able to mine tens of tons of huge stones from far away places, transport them back to their destinations, and then build magnificent pyramids. One of the highest pyramids has reached a height of 70 meters, which is very surprising. Moreover, there will be temples on the platform at the top of the Mayan Pyramid.

What’s more amazing is that on the afternoon of the spring equinox and autumn equinox every year, there will be wonders near the pyramids built by the Mayans. When the sun goes down to the west, the part of the north wall exposed to the sun will gradually change from straight to wavy from top to bottom until the snake head. It’s like a python crawling down from the top of the tower, symbolizing the awakening of the plumed serpent god at the equinox. Due to the sunlight, the snake has 7 isosceles triangles arranged in a row, like the pattern on the back of a python. Each illusion lasts for 3 hours and 22 minutes.

In addition, when you sit on the steps of the Maya pyramid, you will hear some strange sounds; when you walk on the steps of the pyramid, the sound of water dripping into the container will come from the top of the tower. Some people say it was a musical instrument in the period of Mayan civilization, but there is no evidence to prove this.

Another strange thing happened to the Mayan pyramids. It is said that a tourist who visited the ancient Mayan ruins was standing in front of the ruins when lightning suddenly appeared in the distance, so he took out his camera to photograph the mysterious scroll like light on the pyramid.

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