Is the mirage real? Listen to the conclusion of scientists, the answer is beyond your imagination

Is the mirage real? Listen to the conclusion of scientists, the answer is beyond your imagination

The universe is vast, there are many mysteries waiting for human to explore and solve, and there are many mysterious events on earth waiting for human to explore and solve. What Xiaobian wants to discuss with you today is mirage.

Speaking of mirage, I believe my friends have heard of it, but I’m afraid few of them have seen it. It’s a very magical natural phenomenon. Sometimes you can see a spectacular mirage in the desert. Xiaobian was lucky to see it once. The scene can’t be described in words. When you walk in the desert, suddenly a city scene appears in the sky in front of you, a tall building Buildings, endless flow of vehicles walking in the street, some of the building billboard words can also be seen clearly.

This is the most magical experience of Xiaobian’s travel for many years. It’s really worthwhile to see a mirage. Many friends travel in the desert and expect to see a mirage, but they are all disappointed. So how did mirage come into being? How to explain it from a scientific point of view? Now let’s listen to the research and conclusion of scientists.

Mirage has existed since ancient times. In modern times, scientists will not let go of this magical natural phenomenon. After years of research, the scientific community has two kinds of research conclusions on mirage. The first is that mirage is a normal optical phenomenon, which is mainly caused by the refraction of light. When the hot air rises on the sandy or rocky surface, the light will be refracted, so mirage is produced.

Mirage often occurs in the sea and desert. Mirage is the result of refraction of light in the air layer with different density along a straight line. There are many kinds of Mirage: according to its position relative to the original object, it can be divided into upper mirage, lower mirage and side mirage; according to its symmetrical relationship with the original object, it can be divided into positive mirage, side mirage, Shun mirage and anti mirage; according to its color, it can be divided into color mirage and non color mirage, etc.

The refraction of light sometimes projects the scene thousands of kilometers away into the desert, but this phenomenon is extremely unstable. As long as the light is disturbed, the scene will disappear. Therefore, the duration of general mirages is relatively short. Of course, there are mirages with a very long time, such as a mirage once occurred along the sea in Guangzhou, which lasted for six months Many hours, attracted countless people to watch.

There is no way to predict the appearance of mirage in advance. It’s just a matter of luck when it will appear. At present, no scientific instrument can detect the appearance of mirage in advance. In addition to the first more acceptable scientific view, there is a second conclusion of scientists on mirage.

The second conclusion is to mention a word often mentioned by modern science: parallel universe. Parallel universe refers to other universes which are separated from a certain universe and parallel to the original universe. In these universes, there are also universes born under the same conditions as ours. At the same time, in these different universes, the development of things will have different results: the extinct species in our universe may be constantly evolving and growing in another universe.

According to the explanation of mirage by some scientists, the scenes projected onto the earth may come from the parallel universe, and this kind of projection is not a simple optical phenomenon. It may involve the concept of space-time. There is a special time and space node, and space-time is in disorder. With the help of light, the scene of another Earth in the parallel universe is projected onto our sky On earth.

Of course, although the second conclusion is very creative, it is still a conjecture of scientists. In order to get further evidence, a different mirage still needs to happen. If there is a mirage on the earth in the future, the projected field can not find a template on the earth, and even let people know at a glance that this is not the scene of the earth, Only at this time can the second conclusion be confirmed.

Mirage is a very magical phenomenon. Whether it is caused by meteorological factors or by the disorder of time and space, scientists need to continue to explore and study in the future. I believe that in the future, this mystery will be solved. How do you think mirage is formed? Do you support the first conclusion or the second one? Welcome to comment below.

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