Is the mirror the entrance to the parallel world? The mirror of British women’s home is abnormal and controversial!

For human beings, the mirror is something we use every day, which has become a must for many women to travel. However, just a few days ago, a woman in the UK uploaded a video on the social network, and strange pictures appeared in her mirror. Netizens wondered, is the world we live in really virtual? Can a mirror be another entrance to space and time?

The vision in the mirror

Through the video, we can see that the netizen was sitting on her bed. As a result, a strange phenomenon appeared in the mirror, but she put an aromatherapy machine on the table. The scented machine did not spray out the mist. However, the aromatherapy machine in the mirror was spraying directly. When she saw this picture for the first time, she was surprised. She thought, is it because the light is too dark that she read it wrong? So she quickly climbed out of bed and opened the curtain. When she approached the mirror, she found that the aromatherapy machine in front of her didn’t spray fog at all, but the aromatherapy machine in the mirror was still working.

The female netizen was also very scared, so she posted the video on social media, hoping that some professionals could answer her doubts. After the video was published on the Internet, it quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens, and netizens left messages at the bottom of the video. Some people think that maybe the mirror is the dividing line between the two worlds. There are two different worlds inside and outside the mirror. Maybe there is another person in the mirror who is also taking a video. Maybe her perfume machine is spraying, and her work is not working.

We live in a virtual world?

Some people think that maybe this video can prove that the world we live in is not real. Many people think that the world we live in is actually a program made by advanced wisdom. There are not a few people who agree with this statement, including many scientists and technology maniacs. Musk Hawking once claimed that the possibility of us living in a virtual world is as high as 99%, and our future has long been predestined. Everything is planned according to the program.

At the same time, some rational netizens think that this incident should be started from a scientific point of view. Parallel world and virtual world seem too sci-fi. At present, there is no evidence to prove that they think that the reason why there are different pictures in the mirror is probably caused by light. Maybe some things can’t be seen under the light, but they can be reflected through the mirror.

Until now, there is still no reasonable explanation for this incident. Netizens have opened their brain holes one after another, which also adds a bit of fun to our peaceful life. In fact, in many places, people attach great importance to the mirror, especially in the living room and bedroom, the display of the mirror is also a lot of attention. I don’t know what you think of this netizen’s video?

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