Is the monkey king not fictional? The description in Shanhaijing may be able to solve the problem!

Speaking of the four famous works in China, I believe journey to the west is the childhood memory of many people. When we were young, we all longed to have monkey king’s golden cudgel, so that we could be invincible and become real heroes. Over the years, there are many films and TV works about the theme of the journey to the West. For foreign friends, the monkey king has become one of the cultural symbols of our country.

In our opinion, Monkey King is an image existing in the novel, but not in the real world. However, many foreign scientists claim that the monkey king is actually learning from the image of the Indian monkey Hanuman. In Indian culture, like the monkey king, hanouman has powerful divine power and is jealous of evil. But the weapons used by the two are different, so the historical prototype of Monkey King has always been controversial.

The prototype of Monkey King

In fact, when he came to the Huai River, he had to mention the prototype of the monkey king The ape, who grew up in Huaguo Mountain and lived in the underwater Dragon Palace, is the image of monkey king in our mind. The character of this water monster is very similar to that of the monkey king. When he saw Dayu, he started fighting. Later Dayu subdued this water monster and suppressed it at the foot of the mountain for 500 years.

Since ancient times, Shanhaijing has been full of mystery. In this book, we can see all kinds of rare animals. Some people think that the imagination of the ancients is limited after all. If they have not seen these strange creatures, they can’t imagine them at all, and there are suspected traces of alien creatures in the book of mountains and seas. Is there such a possibility? Maybe in ancient times, the aliens had already arrived on the earth. Maybe the gods in the ancient population said that they were aliens.

Over the years, scientists have been doing research on fairy tales. In our cognition, these fairy tales may be made up, but with the deepening of research, we find that there are many stories to follow. Just like the monkey king in journey to the west, perhaps the archetype Wu Chengen used for reference is the ape image in Shanhaijing.

We have lived on the earth for millions of years. Compared with the long time of the earth, the time of human existence is only a flash. Therefore, there are many unsolved mysteries in history, waiting for human beings to explore our oral myths, which may also be the key means to help us solve the unsolved mysteries. I don’t know what you think of this?

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