Is the moon deliberately placed near the earth? Scientists guess, the moon or spaceship!

Since we entered the modern society, the first planet we went to is the moon. For a long time, the origin of the moon is still full of many controversies. Up to now, the scientific community is still full of three theories to prove the birth of the moon.

The birth of the moon

Three theories

The first theory is capture theory. People who support this theory believe that the moon was not around the earth before. It was a drifting planet in the universe. Until one day it moved near the earth and was attracted by the earth, it was always around us. The second theory is the homology theory. They believe that the earth and the moon were originally a whole. Due to the very fast rotation speed of the early Earth, some materials were thrown into space, including the moon.

In addition to the above two theories, collision theory is currently accepted by most people as the origin of the moon. Those who support this theory believe that shortly after the formation of the earth, there was a planet similar in size to Mars. Theia collided with the earth, and the matter produced after the collision gathered together under the action of the earth’s gravity to form today’s moon. Although this theory is supported by most people, it is also the guess of scientists. We have no substantial evidence to prove the origin of the moon. With the deepening of research, there are more and more theories about the origin of the moon. In fact, in addition to the above three theories, some people think that there is a fourth theory about the origin of the moon, which is the lunar spacecraft.

Is the moon a spaceship?

Those who support this theory believe that the moon was formed naturally, but an alien spaceship with a hollow interior. Of course, this view is not groundless. After Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, they found that the interior of the moon was not solid. Many people think that this is too weird, but there are still some scientists, such as Harold Yuri, who support this theory.

In addition to the conjecture of modern scientists, the moon has also been recorded in Chinese classical books, which also mentioned that the moon is an aircraft. According to the records of the golden history volume, in 1133, the moon broke away from its orbit and flew southward, but it did not take long for it to return to its origin. If the moon is made by aliens, there is no way to leave its original position after being attracted by the earth.

Scientists have also studied this situation. They think that if there is no moon near the earth, the probability of life on the earth will be greatly reduced, and human civilization can not reach the present level. Therefore, some people think that the moon is actually the catalyst of life deliberately placed by aliens beside the earth. What do you think of this statement?

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