Is the moon supposed to be created for aliens? Or is it possible to throw away the Dyson ball for the secondary civilization of the universe

At the beginning of last century, because scientists found that the universe is wider than human imagination, people began to pay attention to the situation of outer space, and whether there is another “Earth” in the universe is the question scientists want to explore. However, due to the limited space exploration ability of human beings, they can not go further than the moon for exploration. Therefore, scientists assume that there may be alien civilization in the universe. This is the assumption put forward by Kardashev, an astrophysicist of the former Soviet Union. He thinks that there may be civilization in the universe.

The moon landing program is not just beginning, but due to frequent moon landings, scientists are still unable to reveal the secrets of the moon. Is this a human limitation or a mysterious obstacle?

In the process of circling the earth, Apollo needs 1 hour and 30 minutes. At a distance of 161 km from the earth, Apollo must maintain a flight speed of 28968 km / h, so as not to deviate from the orbit. So, is there anything mysterious that keeps the moon in a smooth orbit?

For the discussion of the origin of lunar life, no one has considered why the moon can run in a certain orbit. If there is something that makes the moon have the correct height, direction and speed, what is this special thing? Even if the moon moves in a fixed orbit, there is only a certain law, but if the earth, the moon and the sun keep a certain distance from the earth, the earth will have a “solar eclipse”. How can this be explained?

In the 1970s, Russian scientists published an article entitled “was the moon created by aliens?”? „ÄčThe article points out that the moon is an asteroid dug up by aliens and an artificial earth. Astronauts use a huge machine to drill a hole in the interior of the moon. This huge machine has a very hard metal surface, so it can stay in the orbit of the universe and the earth.

Call on people to change the fixed mode of thinking, some of the non real imagination. But there are also some special phenomena. With more information about the moon, people will more and more believe the hypothesis in the article. It seems that all the mysteries of the moon can be reasonably explained. This hypothesis explains why the moon appeared earlier than the solar system, and tells us that the three levels of the moon are reasonable, its density is the highest in outer space, and water only exists inside the moon.

This hypothesis also reasonably explains the dark and massive regions of the moon. Why can satellites explain the moon with long but frequent phases? At that time, the pull of the earth would have the same effect on man-made buildings.

This hypothesis also ends the debate about hot and cold months, because the moon is very cold, but artificially heating and excavating its interior has turned into a man-made spacecraft.

But this article can not be used as evidence. It is an unsolved mystery whether aliens really exist. But the moon does appear in the historical records of human beings, and human beings did not create or even move the moon. Is that an alien?

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