Is the moving stone in the death valley of the United States, excluding human actions, a masterpiece of aliens?

There are many unexplained phenomena in the world. For human beings, stone is everywhere, but it is also full of mystery. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of stones moving. This kind of stone can not only move by itself, but also leave a long footprints where it goes, which seems to tell human beings that they also have life.

Moving stones

This kind of self moving stone is located in death valley, California, USA. the footprints left by these stones are ten centimeters short and two or three hundred meters long. When many people see such a stone for the first time, they will think whether it is a human prank? Perhaps it was human beings who moved these stones that left such traces. Scientists have also studied this phenomenon and ruled out the possibility of human activities. Through the photos circulated on the Internet, we can also see where these stones go. There is no human footprint, only a long stone line. In terms of human ability, how can these stones be moved out of thin air?

Alien masterpiece?

This phenomenon puzzled scientists for a long time at that time, and many netizens speculated that these stones were masterpieces of aliens? Wheat circles have appeared in many farms in Europe. Just a while ago, mysterious metal pillars frequently appeared in the United States and many other countries. Could this be the creation of aliens on earth? Scientists have been exploring these stones for a long time, and finally got the answer in 2013.

The truth

When scientists came to the valley of death, they installed positioning devices on these moving stones and observed them for four years. There were 60 stone samples. Scientists found that almost all of these stones moved in winter. Is this a coincidence? Scientists surveyed the area and found that it would become extremely humid and cold in winter. In this case, a layer of ice would form on the surface of the stone. If there is a gust of wind, then the stone can move everywhere. As the sun shines and the temperature rises, the ice on the surface of these stones melts, so the stones stay here, leaving a long tail behind.

Therefore, the stone itself is lifeless, and these moving stones are nothing more than the uncanny workmanship of nature and have nothing to do with alien civilization. When many people see phenomena that are difficult to explain by science, they always think of alien civilization first. In fact, this also shows that human’s cognition of alien civilization is too simple.

In addition to the moving stones of death valley in the United States, miraculous phenomena have also been staged in many countries. In Myanmar, there is also a large gold stone standing on a 1100 meter high hillside, which has survived thousands of years of wind and frost. These are all gifts from nature to human beings. Have you heard of them?

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