Is the mysterious flying object “aomomo” an alien visitor? Will it bring an army of alien civilizations?

Omomo is the first interstellar object to be discovered. In October 2017, scientists discovered this “uninvited guest” through the pan star Survey Telescope.

Both scientists and the public are very excited about the first discovery of such objects. The problem is how to name the object.

According to its discovery time and category, the International Astronomical Union has given it a scientific name, which is 1I / oumuamua. The “I” represents the interstellar object, and the “1” indicates that it is the first object of this category to be discovered. Aomomo is a transliterated name, which is not only easy to remember by the public, but also in line with the original meaning.

The asteroid is about 400 meters long and 40 meters wide. Surprisingly, its speed is only 26 kilometers per second. It is speculated that the asteroid may come from a star cluster more than 160 light-years away from the earth. It took tens of millions of years to fly to the solar system.

Will it bring us external information? The asteroid is also known as the “messenger from afar” because it carries information about the extraterrestrial system, and also brings people some information about the interstellar environment.

Omomo was once regarded as an alien civilization detector because of its strange flight speed. Moreover, omomo’s alien star is rod-shaped (cigar shaped) and looks a little red. Even its shape is so similar to that of a spacecraft.

In addition, the resolution of the astronomical telescope we use is not high, so this shape and this speed can easily be mistaken for some kind of aircraft.

What’s more puzzling is that it entered the solar system at a speed of 26 kilometers per second, but suddenly accelerated to more than 40 kilometers per second when it left.

At this speed, the gravity of the solar system can’t be bound. People have to guess whether Omo is controlled? Can the acceleration and deceleration be realized?

After repeated observation and analysis, it is finally determined that omomo is not an alien spacecraft, but an asteroid.

Because its shape is very similar to the spaceship with a sense of science and technology in science fiction movies, it is justifiable to be mistaken. Judging from its trajectory, the planet was only 30 million kilometers away from the earth when it was closest.

This distance is very close in astronomy. As for its acceleration, it is actually caused by gravitational catapult, not controlled by alien creatures.

The question of whether it will bring an army of alien civilizations is ultimately defeated by its flight speed. If you think about it carefully, the speed of this planet’s flight is extremely slow. It has taken hundreds of thousands of years to fly from 160 light-years to the solar system. Even if it was launched by aliens, it may not be there long ago. Besides, it is impossible for them to accelerate their hind feet to leave the solar system as soon as their forefeet arrive. It’s impossible to walk away without looking at the earth.

Therefore, Omo is not an alien visitor, it is just an asteroid that looks a little strange. Although we all hope to find traces of aliens, we can’t make sure whether their civilization level is higher than ours and whether they will bring us harm. So there is no news, which can be said to be good news.

Guys, do you want to find the tracks of the aliens as soon as possible? Welcome to leave your opinion in the comment area!

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