Is the mysterious pyramid the work of prehistoric civilization? Scientists have five guesses

We can say that the pyramid civilization of Egypt is alien civilization or prehistoric civilization. Art is not good either, because without innovation, there will be no art. The ancient art civilization currently used by Egyptians is the Egyptian pyramid. Therefore, why is Egyptian art civilization fixed in the history of Egyptian pyramids? The civilization of Egypt in history is divided into different periods. It can’t be surpassed. Obviously, the pyramid civilization of Egypt does not belong to the current human civilization of the earth. Belonging to an alien or prehistoric civilization.

The legend of the pyramids of Egypt?

The legend about who built the pyramids in Egypt: due to the lack of historical records, many questions about the pyramids can not be explained for a long time, and the exploration and research of the pyramids are still developing in breadth and depth.

1、 The pyramids were built by the ancestors of Atlantis

The pyramid of Khufu was built by the ancestors of the missing Atlantis island. It is said that the island is located to the west of the Strait of gibraltarian in the Atlantic Ocean. It created a splendid civilization in 10000 BC. Then, in a “miserable day and night”, the island suddenly sank to the bottom of the sea. Some of them carried scientific and technological materials and established a science center in Egypt. The other part of them made reference to the Khufu pyramid built on the island and hid all scientific knowledge in the internal structure of the tower.

2、 Pyramids are secret bases built by aliens

The pyramid of Khufu is not a mausoleum, but a landing place for aliens to come to the earth. It is a stop for the lower world of the gods. It is the first secret temple in human history, and a warehouse for storing important historical documents from the beginning of the world to the end of the world. It is an observatory used to observe the sky, understand the movement of the stars, and predict the future. It is a multi-functional meter It can be calculated that there are 365.2422 days in a year.

3、 The pyramids were built by the Berber tribe

The Khufu pyramid of the Berber tribe living in the middle of the Atlas Mountains in Africa. It is said that in ancient times, the land of Sahara was fertile and rich, and there were several tribes living in it. Then the land gradually became desertified and the tribes moved eastward to the Nile Valley. The leader became the king of Egypt. They use tribal magic. Build pyramids. Then they figured out that human beings would go through a dark period, so the tribe immediately evacuated to all parts of the world.

4、 The pyramids were built by the Pharaohs to preserve their remains

Although the pyramid of Khufu is generally considered to be the tomb of the Pharaoh, the fact that his remains (also known as king keops) have not been found so far makes people doubt the special function of this great building. Therefore, all kinds of conjectures can not be established for a while. There is no doubt that this huge pyramid is a miracle in the history of human architecture.

5、 Pyramids are made by man

With the help of microscope and chemical analysis, scientist Joseph David duvis carefully studied the structural pattern of the pyramid. Based on the results of the analysis, he concluded that the stones of the pyramid were artificially mixed with limestone and shells, and the method was similar to the current method of pouring concrete.

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