Is the mysterious smoke ring in the universe left by aliens or the entrance of wormhole?

With the development of science and technology, the theories of many scientists have been confirmed by us one by one. When people heard the wormhole, they thought it was just Einstein’s whim. Now we have believed in the existence of wormholes. If we can find them, we can travel through time and space through wormholes.

Eye circles in the universe

Until now, we still haven’t found any wormholes, but some time ago, when a scientist used a telescope to observe, he found something strange in the universe. This scientist is Anna. At that time, she was using the Australian Pathfinder telescope to observe. Suddenly, she found a strange smoke ring in the Dark Universe. This smoke ring emits green light, which is extremely dazzling in the Dark Universe. In fact, Anna was exploring the map of the evolution of the universe at that time, so it was a surprise to observe the smoke ring.

They had never seen such an object before, so it was also labeled WTF by Anna. When they studied the object in more detail, they found that there were many circular spots near the smoke ring. At first, they speculated that this might be a remnant of the supernova explosion, but after careful comparison, they found that this is not a bit different from other planets. One of the scientists speculated that this might be the legendary Einstein ring, but soon this theory was refuted. The spots of this ring are too symmetrical, and there are no galaxy clusters around it, so it can’t be Einstein ring.


When Anna’s scientific team wrote a paper on this phenomenon, it caused a shock in the scientific community. At that time, two Russian scientists came up with a crazy idea: is this the tunnel leading to the wormhole? This conclusion makes people feel incredible. Until now, people have not found any traces of wormholes. In terms of the current level of science and technology, people’s understanding of wormholes is still very simple. Even if humans could detect wormholes, that would be a long time later.

At that time, wormholes are no longer unfamiliar to human beings, and many problems will follow. Many people want to experience the fun of time travel, and they hope to experience time travel. But crossing time and space means the change of development. For example, if we can really cross time and space at will, there will be many moral and ethical problems. At that time, the order of human civilization will be destroyed, so there will be many moral and ethical problems to be solved in the future.

Alien civilization?

Of course, after seeing this picture, some people think that the mysterious smoke ring in the universe may have something to do with the alien civilization. They can fly freely in the universe, and may leave some traces wherever they go. Scientists happened to catch this picture when they were observing. Although alien civilization can use the energy of the universe, spaceships also need power. Maybe this mysterious smoke ring is left by alien spaceships. This view has also been recognized by many conspiracy theorists, who believe that extraterrestrial life really exists and has already come to the earth. By using satellite detectors, we can see all kinds of mysterious phenomena in the universe. These phenomena are difficult to explain by science, so many people will associate with extraterrestrial life.

However, we can’t judge the identity of the mysterious smoke ring through long-distance discovery. This may be an ordinary celestial body, or it may be the trace left by aliens, so far there is no final conclusion. Seeing the discovery of scientist Anna, Xiaobian is also full of confidence in the future development of human beings. Even if our current level of science and technology is limited, in the future we will be able to have a more brand-new understanding of the universe, and impulse is no longer far away from us. What do you think is the secret smoke ring in the universe?

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