Is the phenomenon of human spontaneous combustion true? More than 200 cases of spontaneous combustion occurred in 300 years. What’s the matter

In 1949, a 53 year old woman in the United States was burned to death while cleaning her house. At the beginning, passers-by heard screams coming from the room. They thought someone was injured and wanted to help. When passers-by arrived at the door and asked if they could enter the house, there was no response.

In the United States, intruders can be killed by the homeowner, so passers-by dare not enter the house, but they are afraid of accidents, so they slowly open the door and enter. When passers-by looked around, they found no one but a pool of burnt coke. A closer look, but also part of the human body remains, this scene scared passers-by immediately call the police.

When the police came, they didn’t find the fire, and the surrounding environment was good, and it wasn’t lit, which made everyone marvel.

Coincidentally, in 1958, when a 77 year old man was resting in a rocking chair, he suddenly caught fire for some unknown reason. When the landlord saw it, he immediately called the police. After the firefighters came, the old man had been burned to ashes.

Do these two things make you wonder why good people burn themselves? Is someone manipulating it? Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality?

In fact, as early as 1673, the world’s first spontaneous combustion of human body was born. According to a medical report in Italy, when someone was lying on a straw mat for rest, he caught fire without knowing what the reason was. Although the whole person was burned to ashes, other objects around the straw mat bed were intact.

Later, there were a number of spontaneous combustion incidents of human body all over the world. Basically, people were burned out and the surrounding objects were still in good condition. Until the 19th century, German chemists speculated that when there was too much alcohol in the human body, it was easy to burn themselves. Some religious believers came forward and said that if some people did evil and harmed others, God’s heavenly fire would come and burn them to death. Although the words of believers urge us not to do bad things, they can not explain the truth of human spontaneous combustion.

No matter in the scientific or medical circles, they do not agree that the human body can spontaneously ignite, because physiologically speaking, if a person wants to turn into ash, he needs to go through a high temperature of 8 or 9 degrees, and his body temperature is only 37 degrees centigrade, so it is impossible to start a fire and burn into ash. Even if he comes into contact with high temperature objects such as flames, he can not turn into ashes in a short time. So, is someone lying?

According to statistics, since the first case of human spontaneous combustion was discovered in 1673, more than 200 cases have been reported in more than 300 years. Among these cases, there are men and women, infants of several months to the elderly of more than 100 years old, non drinkers and daily alcoholics, overweight and slim people, and people who rest, walk, run and drive. The victims are so comprehensive And science is hard to answer, which makes many people guess whether this event is true or not.

70% of the human body is water, so it is difficult for the human body to burn, let alone burn ash without fire source. So, experts give three points.

Viewpoint 1: human spontaneous combustion does not exist. It may be caused by other unknown reasons, not by internal combustion.

Viewpoint 2: ball lightning, ball lightning is like a big fireball. It can not only pass through doors and windows, but also float freely. Its energy is equivalent to the power of a 10kg TNT explosion. Therefore, ball lightning may be the cause of human spontaneous combustion.

Viewpoint 3: fat in the human body may be a source of fuel. The victim’s hair or clothes are similar to candle wicks. This is the so-called “candle wick effect”. In this way, fat melting leads to combustion from the inside of the human body and acts from the inside out, without damaging the victim’s surrounding environment.

What do you think of these three views? Welcome to comment area.

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