Is the prediction reliable? Can Hawking’s five predictions be explained scientifically?

In recent years, the rise of prophecy, these prophets have gained a lot of supporters. In fact, prediction is just a kind of conjecture, and most predictions are not reliable. Ancient people did not have developed science and technology, they could only judge good fortune and bad fortune by astronomical phenomena, so the prophecy was also covered with a mysterious color.

In fact, in addition to the so-called prophet, many scientists are also very keen on language. For example, Hawking, who is familiar to all, although he has died, his name is unknown to everyone. In the latter half of his life, all his activities can only be carried out in a wheelchair, so he gradually changed his direction from scientific research. We can also see many Hawking predictions on the Internet. In our opinion, some of them are wild and some seem to have come true. So is Hawking’s prediction really based on science?


Five predictions

Hawking was interviewed by the news in 2011 and said five predictions. These predictions don’t look very reliable. Can they be realized? Hawking predicted that the earth will enter the ice age in 2032, but the earth is still in the process of global warming. In our opinion, this prediction is somewhat contradictory, but Hawking said two things. Global warming has become an established fact. Whether the ice age will come or not is still unknown.

Hawking’s second prediction is that mankind will leave the earth in 2060. Another prediction is that by 2100, human beings will enter the universe and give birth to new species. However, in our view, this prediction is incredible. In the decades of advanced science and technology, the other planet that human beings have landed on is just the moon. Maybe hundreds of years later, human beings will be able to enter other planets, but the emergence of new species is a bit off the mark, but evolution has no direction. Maybe at that time, artificial intelligence has been very developed, and human beings have also given birth to new mechanized species.

Hawking’s fourth prediction is that the earth will be extinct in 2215, and the last prediction is that the earth will become a fireball in 2600. This prediction is also well-known by the public, because it is also related to the future of mankind. If there is a falling asteroid on the earth in the future, it may be destroyed, but it is also uncertain.

And some people think that there is no basis for the earth to become a fireball in 2600. The sun still has 5 billion years of life. Although the situation of global warming is still aggravating, it will not become a fireball. Therefore, some people think that it is not reliable, but the central idea expressed is the same, that is, to protect the environment and cherish the earth.

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