Is the prophecy true? He is known as the “sleeping demigod”, which can be found in the encyclopedia!

Many people say that 2020 is an extraordinary year. Before that, there were so-called walkers on the Internet. They had made predictions about the situation this year, and many people turned their comments back. In fact, most of the walkers are just a scam. Just like Noah who once claimed to be from 2030, his real identity is just a college student. But there is such a prophet in history. Some people once called him “sleeping demigod”.

The prophet was Edgar Casey. He was born in 1877. As a child, he showed something different from other children. When he was a child, he could see some illusions, that is, some translucent people. Seeing this, we should understand that all he saw were ghosts. At the beginning, he did not know the origin of these phantoms, and also communicated with them. As time went on, Edgar Casey was used to living with phantoms as a child. At that time, he talked about it with his parents, but they thought it was just a kid’s joke and didn’t care. When he reached the age of 13, Edgar Casey met a phantom, which was an angel and influenced his life.

edgar cayce

“Super power” of

The angel once asked Edgar Casey what he wanted to do most. He said he hoped to help others, especially the sick. Soon after the phantom disappeared, Edgar Casey had a special superpower. Once when he was sleeping on a book, he suddenly found that he could memorize all the contents of the book. By the time he was 22, he had severe laryngitis. At that time, he could not speak at all. Even taking medicine had no effect. The doctor suggested that hypnosis could be used, but Edgar Casey was able to speak during hypnosis, but he didn’t wake up soundly.

Finally, a doctor hypnotized him. The doctor induced him to tell his cause and treatment. Edgar Casey said it accurately, and his illness was so good. At this time, he realized that he had a special energy when he was sleeping. When he is asleep, he can help others solve problems by talking in his sleep. At that time, his consciousness seems to be no longer his own. At that time, Edgar Casey’s wish to help patients was gradually realized. Soon his reputation spread all over the world, and many people came to visit him every year. Although he knew that he could not overuse this super power, he still interpreted it more than 1400 times to help people. So is Edgar Casey’s prediction accurate?

edgar cayce

The prophecy of

Once a doctor questioned Edgar Casey. He thought it was just a fraud. In order to prove his point, he went to Edgar Casey. As a result, this encounter overturned his cognition. After a week’s investigation, she found that Edgar Casey didn’t mean to hype. When he fell asleep, he seemed to be able to answer any questions. Edgar Casey not only explained to others, but also predicted his own future. Perhaps it was frequent predictions that hurt her body. In September 1944, he made the last prediction. This time, the prediction object was himself. He told the world that he had to rest for a long time. On January 3, 1945, Edgar Casey also died.

He once interpreted Atlantis. This is a real scientific and technological civilization, which is not inferior even now. However, the development speed of Atlantis is too fast, which leads to the unbalanced development of civilization. If the people at that time wanted to enter Atlantis, it could only be their efforts. As time went on, there were splits within Atlantis. After three civil wars, Atlantis sank in the ocean and became an unsolved mystery in the world.

And he has predicted dreams. He believes that most of the content in dreams comes from the subconscious, and sometimes dreams can predict the future. If human beings can develop and utilize dreams, there will be a great breakthrough for human civilization. Edgar Casey’s life can be described as a legend. I don’t know if you have anything to say?

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