Is the Roswell affair true or false? Former nurse revealed that she had taken care of aliens?

After seeing sci-fi blockbusters, many people are always curious about extraterrestrial life. Over the years, scientists have been looking for traces of extraterrestrial civilization, but there are not many ideal effects. There have been UFO sightings in history. I believe you still remember the Roswell incident, which is also the most authentic UFO incident. Although many people witnessed it, the official District claimed that Roswell’s truth was nothing more than a high-altitude balloon release and had nothing to do with aliens.

Although the official conclusion has been published, it is still not convincing. In September 2007, an amateur writer named Lawrence received an email, in which he disclosed the truth of the Roswell incident. In Xiaobian’s opinion, this incident is too much to think about, just like a science fiction book.

Do aliens really exist?

According to the letter, there was a woman named Mark ayroy, who had been a nurse caring for aliens in the Roswell incident. That is to say, the tiny humanoid seen by the witnesses at that time was the legendary alien. Although the spaceship crashed, some aliens survived, and mark ayroy was left to take care of them. According to the nurse’s recollection, the alien had no life features at that time, but he did not die and was still conscious. He believed that the soul with high wisdom must be hidden in this body.

The nurse’s words

This alien can telepathize with mark Elloy. He tells mark Elloy that he comes from a huge galaxy group, and the Earth actually belongs to this galaxy. Aliens also have work and rest time, but different from human beings, they don’t make any sound when they rest. After induction, they find that aliens have long been separated from the body, and their souls have returned to the base. When they need it on earth, they will return.

Since no one can see the aliens after they leave their bodies, they can go directly to all kinds of places they want to go, and even the heavily guarded military bases can’t stop them. The aliens told me that the reason why mark Elloy himself came to the earth was actually to find the aliens who fell on the earth. Tens of thousands of years ago, they were attacked by another race on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Because the energy of another race was too strong, their workers were not able to escape from the body and return to their own galaxy, but fell to the life of people on the earth Reincarnation.

That is to say, the reason why aliens came to earth is to find these alien life left on earth, but the earth has already passed through generations of reproduction, it is more difficult to find those aliens. Mark aroy laughs after the superior reported that the alien’s soul had already left the earth and never came back. But in our opinion, this incident is like a fairy tale. I don’t know what you think of it?

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