Is the Sahara Desert formed naturally? Scientists say it was made 8000 years ago

The earth is a beautiful planet of life. 71% of the surface area is ocean, and only 29% of the land area. However, the land space that human beings can live on is only one third of the land area, and the other one third is desert.

The largest desert in the world is the Sahara desert, which is located in Africa, accounting for 30% of the land area of Africa. It is a place of death and a forbidden area for human beings. In history, many people went into the desert to explore treasure or explore, but less than one percent of them came out. In modern times, there are still people who venture into the Sahara Desert every year. Of course, most of them dare not go deep. Once they go deep, there is no possibility of coming out again.

So how did such a huge area of the Sahara Desert come into being? Some people may think that it is formed naturally. In fact, it is not. As early as 8000 years ago, the Sahara desert was an oasis, rich in water resources, green trees and quilts, and all kinds of animals lived in forests and grasslands. It was a beautiful natural scenery.

As we all know, modern human beings originated in Africa. Therefore, 8000 years ago, the most important gathering place of human beings in the world was Africa, and Africa had the largest population in the world at that time. In order to survive, human ancestors began to gradually go out of Africa. One day, they came to the oasis of the Sahara desert and saw that there were so many trees, grasslands and animals, so these people settled here.

Human beings live in this land, cutting down trees to build houses, and raising a large number of cattle and sheep. Because they just blindly ask for them and eat grass without plan, soon the grassland here is almost eaten by cattle and sheep, and the trees are also cut down. Without the protection of vegetation, a lot of loess was blown away by the strong wind, leaving heavy sand.

When there was no longer any resources to survive here, the human ancestors left here and went on to look for a new oasis. This oasis, which used to be an oasis, began to slowly desert, gradually forming the present Sahara desert. It can be seen that the formation of desert is mainly the result of human destruction, not only the Sahara desert, but also other deserts in the world.

Some people may say that if the human ancestors did not destroy the vegetation, there would not be the Sahara Desert now? In fact, this kind of thing is basically impossible. We need to know that if we want to continue after the birth of human beings, we need to consume resources. Our ancestors don’t have the advanced technology we have now. The only resources they can use are the natural resources, trees and vegetation on the earth.

If the human ancestors did not cut down trees to build houses, they would not be able to keep out the wind and rain, prevent the attacks of wild animals, and it would be difficult to survive in the cruel natural environment. Human ancestors were weak in the earth biological garden at that time. There were many wild animals that could threaten the survival of human beings. The only thing that human beings could rely on was wisdom.

If the human ancestors did not consume the green vegetation, they would not be able to raise a large number of cattle and sheep, and they would not be able to survive. There will be no honor for human beings now. It can be seen that there is no way for human ancestors to destroy vegetation. Everything is for the survival and future of human beings. Of course, the human ancestors would not have thought that they would destroy the vegetation and form today’s large-scale desert.

In fact, the destruction of human ancestors to the survival of the earth is far less than that of modern humans. Since mankind entered the era of scientific and technological development, the demand for resources is also growing, and with the help of science and technology, the destruction of forests and vegetation is more rapid. It can be said that the survival damage caused by human ancestors took thousands of years, and modern human only took decades. This is also the reason why the living environment has become worse and worse in recent 10 years.

However, with the continuous destruction of the environment by human beings, there is nothing we can do. If human civilization wants to develop rapidly, science and technology must speed up the development, and the development of science and technology is inseparable from the rapid development of industry. As long as industry exists, pollution and damage to nature are inevitable. This is an irreconcilable contradiction. Unless human beings stop all industrial activities, or move all heavy industries of the earth to other planets.

Can such a wish come true? It is obviously impossible for human beings to stop all industrial activities. The progress of human science and technology can not stop, which is a major event related to the fate of human civilization. To move the heavy industry on earth to other planets, it is not possible in a short time. We need to become a real interstellar civilization.

If the development of human science and technology is fast enough, the earth’s ecological environment will recover one day, and the earth itself will have a very strong self-healing ability. As long as the earth has no pollution sources, the ecosystem will naturally recover slowly, and the earth will return to a world of blue sky, white clouds, birds singing and flowers fragrance.

As long as one day, human beings become an interstellar civilization, then we can move the heavy industry on earth to other planets, such as the moon, Mars and so on. Without the pollution of these heavy industries, there will be no waste gas, a large number of greenhouse gas emissions, and the ecological environment will naturally recover slowly. But it is not so easy to achieve this goal.

However, according to the current degree of ecological damage, the earth may only leave mankind hundreds of years. Only by rapidly developing science and technology within hundreds of years and becoming an interstellar civilization as soon as possible, can we solve the ecological problems faced by the earth and let mankind continue.

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