Is the smallest thing the master of the universe? Why do you have such power?

At present, the diameter of the universe has reached 96 billion light-years. Within this range, there are two trillion galaxies, which are only observable by human beings. In the whole universe, there are many objects that we can’t observe. As we all know, the earth where we live is only a very small planet in the universe. Even if hundreds of earth together, it is only a drop in the ocean in the universe. Because the universe is so vast.

These stars will evolve into three kinds of objects, white dwarf, neutron star and black hole. Stars that become white dwarfs usually have a small mass. Stars with 15 times the mass of the sun will become neutron stars, while stars with more than 30 times the mass of the sun will become black holes. The density of these three kinds of celestial bodies are extremely high. The white dwarf is a degenerate matter, and the neutron star is similar to a huge nucleus. So what is in the black hole?

A long time ago, there was no concept of black hole in human beings, because the level of human science and technology could not detect the existence of black hole. Black hole is just a celestial body used to explain strange phenomena in the universe in our human theory.

However, with the progress of human science and technology, we finally found this celestial body. And we all know that a black hole is a very attractive object, anything passing around it can not escape the fate of being sucked in by it. Even light will be sucked in.

Black holes are the densest of the three kinds of celestial bodies. Although human beings can only observe the existence of black holes through astronomy, in fact, people know more about white dwarfs and neutron stars. After all, we can’t observe the internal structure of black holes, so what is the internal structure of black holes? So far, there is no exact explanation.

According to scientists’ conjecture, most of the matter in the black hole has been converted into energy. Even if we turn our earth into a black hole, its volume is only 1.8 cubic centimeter. Therefore, the density of the black hole is not only squeezing the matter to the atomic level, but also pressing the matter to the minimum state, even to the neutrino or quark level.

We now know that the volume of a black hole can be infinitely small, but its mass can be infinitely large. So we may have such a question, where is the matter absorbed by the black hole? In fact, from the outside to the inside of the black hole is a distorted space with superluminal speed. It is almost impossible for human beings to explore black holes in depth.

However, according to the research of our current scientists, there may be singularity in these black holes. These singularities can convert the matter absorbed by the black hole into energy, and then when all the matter in the universe is absorbed into the black hole, a new singularities will be formed, and everything will start again.

In fact, no one can tell whether a black hole is a kind of matter. Many scientists have confirmed that black holes convert matter into energy, and what they inhale no longer exists in the form of matter. Although the volume of black hole is smaller than that of neutron star, it has the largest mass. There are almost no similar objects in the universe. The ability of black hole to absorb everything is considered by scientists to be the master of the universe!

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