Is the soul tower in Dandong a supernatural event or just a coincidence? (hope Dandong people leave a message for confirmation)

Almost everyone in Dandong knows that there is a small tower in Guangji Garden community of Dandong City. Some people call it Guangji tower, others call it zhenhun tower. How many years have passed, so a small tower that is out of place with the surrounding environment is still standing there, and no one dares to dismantle it.

Almost all Dandong people will know that there used to be a drama garden in that place, with brilliant lights and lots of traffic, which has formed a sharp contrast with today’s place. All this was due to the fire in February 1937.

It was on the evening of February 13, 1937, during the Spring Festival holiday. In the era when there was no mobile phone, computer or TV set, watching opera was almost their highest form of entertainment, with a total audience of 1200. At that time, “Li Sha Si men” was on the stage. At that time, the backstage was red because of the excessive fire, and the “Hu (HU) Sendai” was already lit. But at this time, the audience in front of him was not aware of it, and the actors just performed on their own. Until a backstage master called “fire! Step down The audience just thought of running away. But at the moment, due to the large number of people, everyone is scrambling to get out first. As a result, the gate of the theater is blocked and almost no one can get out. But at the moment, the guard in front of the door thought that someone didn’t buy a ticket and wanted to escape. Instead, he closed the door tightly and didn’t let anyone out. It was too late until the guard at the gate found that there was a real fire, which had devoured almost all people’s lives. The audience on the second floor was even more miserable. They managed to squeeze to the first floor, but they couldn’t get out or go back. Some of them jumped down from the second floor in a hurry, dead and injured.

According to the old man in Dandong, there was an old man who took his grandson to the theatre that day, but the grandson didn’t dare to go in when he arrived at the door. He said that all the people inside had skin like coke. Some had no head, and some had pus. The old man couldn’t beat him and took him home. But he just walked a little bit, and then came back The cry of ghosts and wolves.

In this fire, a total of 1200 spectators, burned more than 1000 people. Later, the nearby residents always heard crying and screaming at night. Until November, they had no choice but to invite eminent monks to build a small tower in the original location of the theater to suppress the evil spirits and help them escape. After a while things settled down.

With the reform and opening up, urban planning, Guangju garden will be demolished, residential buildings will be built, and the demolition work is very smooth. Until the demolition of the small tower, the problem appeared. The people of the demolition team died one after another in a short time. They thought it was an infectious disease, and they sent a demolition team to demolish the small tower, but these people also died one after another. Later, they hired a demolition team from other places Team, the result is the same. This can frighten people, no one can help. Now there is still a saying in Dandong that no one can move the tower, and no one can move or die.

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