Is the speed of light really unbreakable? In front of it, the speed of light is slower than that of a snail

In ancient times, people expected to travel all over the world one day and quickly reach any corner of the earth. If they wanted to realize this wish, they had to have super fast speed. In ancient times, without modern technology, they all relied on legs to walk. The fastest means of transportation was carriage. However, it was basically impossible to complete the earth with horse speed, and there were many dangerous places Fang, the horse can’t pass.

With the development of science and technology, vehicles are changing with each passing day, cars, trains, airplanes, etc. the speed is faster and faster. Now people want to get from the south end of the earth to the north end, in fact, it is very easy to get on the plane soon. Flying in the earth, we feel that the speed of sound is extremely fast. Only fighters can reach this speed.

However, as we walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe, we found that the current speed of human beings is nothing in front of the universe. Even the ultimate speed in our eyes, the speed of light, is as slow as or even slower than the speed of a snail in front of the cosmic background. No one knows how big the universe is. At present, the observable range of the universe is 93 billion light-years, and this distance may only be the tip of the iceberg of the universe. The universe is much larger than we thought.

As we all know, the universe originated from the big bang. After the big bang, the universe was expanding beyond the speed of light. One second after the big bang, the observable universe was 10 light-years in size. One year later, it expanded to 100000 light-years. After 10000 years, the diameter of the observable universe expanded to 10 million light-years.

If we think of the universe as a spherical membrane, we will find that the more the outer universe expands, the faster it will expand, because we will find that many galaxies are moving away from us, and there is still a lot of matter that we may never see. When people see the vastness of the universe and imagine that the ultimate speed of an object is the speed of light, they will feel confused and desperate. If we can’t break the speed limit of light, we will never be able to explore the whole universe.

So the speed of light really can’t be broken? The speed of light we know is the ultimate speed of an object, which is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. However, there is a limitation in the establishment of this theory, which is only applicable to the inertial frame with flat space-time. There are two preconditions for human beings to believe that the speed of light cannot be surpassed. One is that there are objects with static mass, and the other is to transmit energy and information. With the increasing speed of the object, the mass and energy of the object are also increasing.

When the speed of an object approaches the speed of light, the mass and energy of the object reach infinity. Therefore, the speed of an object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light and cannot be achieved. But quantum entanglement, the speed of photons can reach the speed of light, or even exceed the speed of light. In this sense, it is possible to exceed the speed of light.

However, the ultimate speed of an object in the universe will still be the speed of light, which can only be infinitely close and cannot be reached. However, scientists have come up with another way to make an object fly faster than the speed of light. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light due to the limitation of mass and energy. So we don’t want to let the object itself fly faster than the speed of light. We can use another method, which is similar to the space-time ocean current.

I believe many friends have seen surfing, or personally stepped on the waves, surfers with the waves to achieve fast forward, and the ship itself is static, moving is the current. In the same way, this method can also be used in the universe, provided that the space-time current in the universe can be found. Through observation, scientists have found that our universe looks very flat and stable, but if we enlarge the universe by a large factor, we will find that the universe is not a plane, not smooth, but full of all kinds of cracks in time and space.

Inside these space-time cracks is another space. The velocity in this space far exceeds the speed of light, which is equivalent to the space-time ocean current. Some scientists believe that the space in the space cracks may be the dark matter space we have been looking for. However, such space-time cracks are very small. It’s impossible for objects to pass through them directly. They need to bombard these cracks with powerful energy to keep them growing. The last hole, this hole, is a wormhole.

After opening the wormhole, the spaceship entering the wormhole will be like surfing. With the space-time ocean current in the wormhole, it can fly at superluminal speed.

We often see the idea of flying faster than light through wormholes in science fiction movies and novels, but in reality, it is still in the stage of theoretical research. Although scientists know that there are many such cracks in space-time, it is not so easy to open them. We need a strong force. Now we do not have such energy. Maybe we are realizing it After controlled nuclear fusion technology, it is possible to produce this super energy, which can bombard cracks and open wormholes.

This is the method proposed by scientists to achieve superluminal flight. It is not contradictory to Einstein’s theory of relativity that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light. One is the speed limit of the object itself, and the other is related to the mysteries of space and even the nature of the universe. The existence of wormholes has been verified by scientists in the laboratory and proved to be correct.

Some scientists believe that there should be some natural wormholes in the universe, which connect different galaxies. If we can detect these wormholes, we may be able to fly faster than light easily, instead of waiting for the future development of human science and technology to be able to open wormholes.

If we can’t break through the speed of light, we can’t even go out of the galaxy, let alone explore the ultimate mystery of the universe. If the universe can be born and human beings can be born, then there must be hope for human beings to travel all over the universe. As long as human beings continue to work hard, with the continuous development of science and technology, the dream of exploring the whole universe will come true one day in the future, just as people in ancient times wanted to travel all over the earth, as long as there is a dream, it will come true one day.

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