Is the “strange phenomenon” over Europe witnessed by thousands of people really from a parallel world?

The existence of parallel space-time has always been a controversial topic for many people. With the improvement of scientific and technological civilization, more and more people believe that the universe is not a single space, but a multi-cultural world. There may be another Universe besides the one we live in. This view is not groundless. Scientists point out that a strange phenomenon occurred in Europe, which may explain the existence of parallel space-time.

Mirage in the Aegean Sea

In the thousands of years of the development of human civilization, we have seen too many magical natural phenomena. When ancient people saw mirage, they would regard it as the heaven where immortals lived. With the continuous progress of science, we have a more comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon, which is only caused by the refraction of light. But in 1954, there was a mirage over the sea of love, which more than thousands of people witnessed. Some people claim that it is this mirage that may explain the existence of parallel world.

Why did the ancients appear thousands of years ago?

In the historical process of human development, the mirages we have seen are traceable. The pictures in the sky may be the real manifestation of another part of the world, which also means that they are not created out of thin air, but have prototypes. The reason why the Aegean mirage attracts the attention of scientists is that the scene it reflects is too strange. In the blue sky, we can see the spectacular scene of soldiers fighting on the battlefield. These soldiers wear ancient clothes and carry ancient weapons, not like modern people.

Does parallel space-time really exist?

Scientists believe that the characters in the sky are Vikings thousands of years ago. After hearing this, many people have no idea why people thousands of years ago appeared over the Aegean Sea in 1954? Some people think that such a mirage has broken our inherent cognition. The scene thousands of years ago appears in the sky again. It’s too far fetched to use scientific explanation. Therefore, some people may have another time and space where we can’t detect. The Vikings in the sky are just another scene of time and space.

Such a view is really inconceivable to us. In fact, the concept of human beings is changing. Many people have taken parallel time and space as a tacit secret. Einstein thought that the universe is pluralistic, as long as we find the wormhole, we will find the entrance to the parallel world, through which we can freely shuttle in all time and space. But at the current level of technology, it will take a long time for us to unravel the secrets of the wormhole.

Now this mirage has passed for decades, and they are fleeting. We have no way to study why they appear. Mirage also with the disappearance of time, forever stay in the long river of history, we think that the Aegean mirage will be a reflection of the parallel world?

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