Is the three eyed lunar man discovered by NASA evolved from human beings? Does alien life really exist?

Since ancient times, the moon has carried too much hope for human beings. Ancient literati use the moon to express their love for each other. The first planet that modern human beings landed on is also the moon, which is enough to see the extraordinary significance of the moon to human beings. With the rapid development of science and technology, the exploration of Mars has become the top priority of the aerospace industry in various countries. Musk once planned to send 1 million people to Mars, but the moon is an indispensable part in establishing a base on Mars.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, claims that if humans don’t develop the moon, Mars migration is just a fantasy. Since 1969, man has taken the first step on the moon. Decades later, we have never been to the moon, but there are still many pictures about the moon. The United States once released a picture, and it seems that a human figure appeared on the surface of the moon. The best evidence for the existence of life on the moon is the three eyed man.

Three eyed lunar man

is that true?

This so-called three eyed lunar man was encountered by astronauts during the Apollo 20 mission. This video was once a NASA confidential video, but it was leaked to the Internet. Through the video, we can see that the appearance of human beings living on the moon is very similar to that of women on earth. The biggest difference is that there is a third eye in the middle of their forehead.

Three eyed lunar man

What does it have to do with human beings?

In biology, the third eye of human beings is the pineal gland. In many religions, the third eye is also known as the heavenly eye. In many religious cultures, if human beings have the third eye, they can see the world they have never seen before, and human beings activate the pineal gland, which also means that they can see the world and energy in different dimensions. Therefore, some people speculate that if extraterrestrial life really exists on the moon, its appearance is very similar to that of human beings. Maybe it was evolved by human beings on earth?

Is there life on the moon?

Only through a video, we can’t judge his true identity. If there is life on the moon, why can’t we find the trace of the three eyed lunar man when he is on the earth? Where will they live on the moon? Just this year, the moon’s satellite sent back a picture, in which there seems to be traces of the existence of buildings. Many people speculate that the three eyed lunar man may live in these buildings. Apollo 15 has also taken pictures of the moon, in which a giant spacecraft is suspected to have appeared.

It can be said that the controversy about the moon is still ongoing, and it plays a vital role in the life of the earth. Many UFO enthusiasts claim that the moon is actually hollow, which is essentially a spaceship and is used by aliens to monitor the earth. This conclusion seems crazy to us, but it can’t be said to be totally wrong. What’s your opinion?

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