Is the three eyed lunar man real? Who left the “spaceship” that crashed on the surface of the moon?

In 1969, the first human landing on the moon, this time the mystery of the moon was also revealed by us. Now, decades have passed. Although human beings have never returned to the moon, legends about the moon still emerge one after another. I believe many people have heard of the three eyed lunar man. It is said that she was brought back to earth by the U.S. and Russian expedition on the back of the moon and was discovered by human beings from a crashed spacecraft.

Spacecraft on the moon?

When astronauts landed on the moon, they found that there were many traces of cities on the surface of the moon. It is said that they once found a spaceship on the back of the moon, which is more than 3 kilometers long and has crashed on the moon. When they saw this huge spaceship, they were very curious. So they wanted to enter the spacecraft to see if they could get some valuable information. In 1976, Apollo 20, launched by the United States and Russia, successfully landed on the moon, and its destination was Guyer crater.

Aliens on the moon

At that time, our scientific and technological level was very limited. Astronauts could only try their best to enter the spacecraft. At this time, they saw a surprising scene. The spacecraft did not show any damage, and there was an alien in the lunar module. Because the alien spaceship still has energy, the alien is not completely dead. The female alien’s body is covered with lunar dust. According to the cumulative amount, the spaceship will be hundreds of millions of years old. For a long time, the legend of the three eyed lunar man has been circulating on the Internet, and even some people claim that the three eyed female corpse is hidden in Area 51 of the United States.

Three eyes

Female corpse

Does it really exist?

So is the three eyed man real? In 2007, an interview with an astronaut spread on the Internet. The astronaut claimed to be a retired pilot of the United States, and he once conducted the Apollo 20 mission. He disclosed the lunar man in three years. Many people think that the three eyed lunar man is real after seeing her story, but Xiaobian thinks that there are still many loopholes in the legend of the three night lunar man.

After all, it was a time when the United States and the Soviet Union were fighting for hegemony. If we really saw the three eyed lunar man, how could the United States share it with the Soviet Union? Moreover, according to the coordinate position of the spaceship, if we compare it with Google maps, we will find that a long protrusion really appears on this coordinate. According to the photos taken by chang’e-4 data at the same position, scientists believe that this spaceship like object is actually on PS.

Many people are still unmoved after seeing this rumor refutation. They firmly believe that there is alien life on the moon. Area 51 in the United States is a secret base for storing alien bodies. What do you think?

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